2020 Brand Analysis Special Report

The annual CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis results identify the most-used brands in 66 categories of equipment, along with fastest-growing ‘Bullet Brands’ among integrators.

Our just released “2020 Brand Analysis Special Report” will give you insight into the top manufacturers for categories from audio to water lead detection. In addition, it provides a view into which product categories are growing most quickly.

For instance, categories such as Lighting Fixtures and Water Leak Detection soared in their uptick across the leaderboards from last year’s numbers, the first time CE Pro tracked those categories. Same goes for security-related areas that we began tracking a few years ago such as Access Control, Cybersecurity/

Firewalls, IP Surveillance Cameras, Smart Locks/Deadbolts and Video Doorbells as that sector continues to innovate with products that play well with control systems.

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