CEDIA Expo Virtual Preview: Bridgetek to Showcase PanL System, Host Two Webinars

Both residential and commercial integrators should stop by the BridgeTek booth this year, as the company plans to educate visitors about its PanL system of automation products.


As more integrated systems start to replace standalone smart home products, it seems the trend for consumers is to value simplicity, convenience, and connectivity above all else. To help narrow the gap between standalone consumer products and high-end integrated systems, Bridgetek’s new PanL system looks to combine the best of both worlds.

The PanL line is made up of three different systems: PanL Smart Living, the company’s residential AV-focused solution, PanL Room Manager, a light commercial-based product designed to make meeting room management easier, and PanL Desk Manager, a commercial AV-ready product focused on larger workplaces.

“Our main products all [use] our PanL system which includes our home automation system, our room and desk manager system, and finally, our guest room management system,” says Gavin Moore, customer engineering support manager, Bridgetek.

“We’re excited this year for virtual trade show. First time I’ve been involved in this and we have four new products that we wish to highlight at the show, so we welcome people to join in and come and see what we have to offer.”

Bridgetek Webinars, Q&A and More

In addition to showcasing the company’s PanL systems, Bridgetek will also be hosting multiple webinars during CEDIA Expo Virtual.

“We have two webinars on the 15th and 16th of September and both are at 2PM Eastern time, so it’d be great for people to join in and see what we have to offer. And obviously, with a webinar, we’ll have a Q&A session so people can follow up with any questions, technical or sales related,” adds Moore.

If integrators can’t make it to the sessions, Bridgetek will also be hosting video demos to help explain its product line’s features and show how those products work after installation.

“So the virtual booth is going to be slightly different to what we’ve had before going to an actual show, and so we’re keen for people to log in and have a look,” says Moore. “And what I’m excited about is that we have some videos of our demos. They go through and you can actually see how our products work. I find this is the easiest way to explain a product.” 

To learn more, be sure to visit Bridgetek‘s booth during the CEDIA Expo Virtual Experience from September 15-17.