Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Isn’t Boring if it Means More Business! Learn How to Sell it

Watch this FREE 1 hour CEPro webcast, originally live on August 17th and sponsored by Aprilaire, to learn how to increase business opportunities by offering complete climate control solutions to your customers.

Using temperature, humidity and ventilation controls to sell smarter home systems

Integrators today sell thermostats. But there is so much more to climate control than temperature. Humidity, ventilation and air circulation play critical roles in keeping occupants comfortable … and protecting their lungs, wine collections, hardware floors, home warranties and more.

For example, hardwood floors are best preserved when humidity is kept to 30% to 60%. Warranties on the floors could be voided if they become warped from dampness or cracked from dryness.

Or consider this: Homes are built tighter these days, so bad air gets trapped inside. Gases from paints, carpets and other chemicals can build to harmful levels if not vented properly. Asthmatics especially are at risk.

Integrators can use this knowledge of indoor air quality (IAQ) to differentiate their business from competitors, sell smarter, more complete home systems and forge closer bonds with HVAC contractors as valued business partners.

In this Webinar, expert Jon Fischer of Aprilaire will discuss the benefits of complete climate control … and the perils of ignoring it – for homeowners and your business.

In addition, a guest integrator will discuss how he has successfully teamed with a local HVAC contractor to build business together.

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