Channel Vision Releases New IP Intercom with Smartphone App

The SI-8000 IP-based intercom and touch screen allows homeowners to monitor their front doors from anywhere, as well as control lighting, temperature, curtains, audio and surveillance cameras, with the help of a new mobile app.


As the market for home security continues to grow, manufacturers are thinking outside the box (and the home) to create solutions that allow users to monitor their homes from anywhere.

Channel Vision has announced two new Elite Series IP-based intercom systems for single family homes as well as commercial buildings. 

The new SI-8000 IP-Based Intercom and Touch Screen allows homeowners to receive push notifications in the form of video sent directly to their touch screen station or smartphones, a new feature made possible by the company's new U-COM app. The app is available for both Android and Apple iOS and designed specifically to work together with the intercom.

The new intercom, complete with touch screen room station and mobile app, aims to transform front door access control into a more effective means of security. Using the intercom, homeowners can monitor who comes to their front door and even control access when no one is home. Users can also control lighting, temperature, curtains, audio and surveillance cameras, all from the touch screen room station and the app.

“The SI-8000 was designed in response to the growing demand in the marketplace of an IP-based intercom system that sends video push notifications to a Smartphone,” says Darrel Hauk, president, Channel Vision. “We are excited to offer an easy-to-use, attractive intercom system that provides these solutions to our clients at an affordable price.” 

The exact price is however “kept offline” by the company, in order to protect the integrity of the product, according to Channel Vision's release. The company did say the new Elite Series comes with a guaranteed warranty double the size of its other intercom systems.

The new front door stations are available now in Textured Black (ST-8282), Satin Nickel (ST-8302) and Oil Rubbed Bronze (ST-8252) finishes.

Covering Commercial

Channel Vision's SIM Series IP Intercom offers a solution for MDU/commercial buildings. The front door station is equipped with an entry keypad, LED screen with a scrollable directory, built-in IP camera and built-in proximity card reader. The SIM Series front door station can connect to over 900 units or office spaces that are equipped with the IP touch screen room station.

Visitors can enter the floor number followed by the room number to call to the room station. The resident will then be able to unlock the door from their touch screen or from the U-COM app.

The SIM Series offers all of the features of the SI-8000 series as well as proxy-card and keypad entry, which is crucial for MDU living.

The SIM Series intercom is slated for release in July 2016.