CE Pro Company: Kevro

Kevro International Inc. is a North American distributor of high quality audio and home theater products.

Their brands include Monitor Audio, Roksan, Tributaries Cable, and Clarus Sound.

Visit Kevro at CEDIA booth #1120.

About Kevro

Kevro Logo

902 McKay Road
Pickering, Ontario ON L1W 3X8


In The News

Monitor Audio’s Installation Amplifiers Deliver up to 2,000 Watts of Power

The newly announced Monitor Audio amplifiers support dealers installing whole-house audio systems by providing a choice of amps designed for those applications.

Robert Archer · April 10, 2018

Monitor Audio Super Slim In-Wall Speakers Fit into Shallow Spaces

The new Monitor Audio Super Slim In Wall (WSS) line of speakers features a depth of just 2-inches deep to enable the speaker to install into locations that are typically too shallow for most speakers.

Robert Archer · January 29, 2018