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4-Way Masking Stewart Filmscreen Director’s Choice Screen Delivers 30% More Viewing Area

Introduced this past September, the new Stewart Filmscreen Director’s Choice screen provides homeowners with 4-way masking capabilities to size to an array of aspect ratios.

Robert Archer · October 04, 2018

‘Techorating’: Savvy Integrator Creates Hidden Home Theater

Electronic Lifestyles designs a motorized system that makes a Stewart Filmscreen Wallscreen vanish from view when not in use.

CE Pro Editors · April 30, 2018

Stewart’s Balon Borderless Screen Seems to Float; Now with LED Backlighting

Stewart Filmscreen will show a new version of Balon Borderless video projection screen at ISE 2018, now available with an LED kit for backlighting.

CE Pro Editors · January 31, 2018

Stewart Gemini Dual Roller System Plays Starring Role in Acoustic Evolution Showroom

Stewart Filmscreen Gemini gives consumers “the best of both worlds” viewing

Advertorial · November 10, 2017

Stewart Filmscreen Video Q&A: Elevating Screen Technology

Robert Keeler of Stewart Filmscreen discusses engineering expertise behind new Gemini, Balon, Cascade and Phantom products.

CE Pro Editors · October 02, 2017

Stewart Filmscreen Celebrates 70 Years of Innovation with the Next Generation

Check out Stewart Filmscreen at CEDIA 2017 in booth #5329 to see its next generation of projection screens like Gemini, Balon Borderness and Cascade.

CE Pro Editors · August 31, 2017

4K, 8K, 16K – Are You Ready for the Resolution Evolution?

Stewart Filmscreen materials are ready when you are.

Advertorial · April 19, 2017

Ambient Light Rejecting Screens and the Laws of Physics

Introducing Phantom™ HALR™, Stewart Filmscreen’s award-winning high ambient light rejecting projection screen material.

Advertorial · February 27, 2017

ISE 2017: Stewart Filmscreen Showcases New FIDELEDY Vision 40

See Stewart’s FIDELEDY Vision 40, Torrent ElectriScreen and StealthXM at ISE 2017 in booth 1-F41.

Chelsea Cafiero · February 06, 2017

Stewart Filmscreen Launches Phantom High Ambient Light Rejecting Screen at CEDIA

Stewart Filmscreen’s next generation 16K+ HDR-ready screen technology is designed to deliver high performance in any environment, day or night.

Robert Archer · September 07, 2016