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Monitor Audio Introduces Second-Generation MASS Surround-Sound System

Improvements to the new Monitor Audio surround-sound system include smaller speaker cabinets, new drivers and crossover for better audio performance.

Lisa Montgomery · April 26, 2019

Monitor Audio Super Slim In-Wall Speakers Fit into Shallow Spaces

The new Monitor Audio Super Slim In Wall (WSS) line of speakers features a depth of just 2-inches deep to enable the speaker to install into locations that are typically too shallow for most speakers.

Robert Archer · January 29, 2018

Monitor Audio Introduces 6th Generation Silver Series Loudspeakers

Monitor Audio’s latest line of Silver series loudspeakers provides users a choice of floorstanding, bookshelf, center channel, rear surround and subwoofer solutions.

Robert Archer · June 22, 2017

Inside Monitor Audio’s CEDIA 2016 Booth: Luxury Platinum In-Walls and More

CEDIA 2016: Monitor Audio takes CE Pro through a home installation of its in-ceiling and in-wall loudspeakers, showing how the company designs its products with the installation in mind.

CE Pro Editors · September 29, 2016

Monitor Audio’s AWC Series Speakers Forecast Great Audio, Whatever the Weather

The new ‘All-Weather in-Ceiling’ Series of in-wall/ceiling speakers from leading UK specialist Monitor Audio provides a stealthy flush-fitting design and includes a heightened level of water, dust, corrosion, UV and temperature protection, providing custom installations with long-term reliability in the most challenging conditions.

CE Pro Editors · September 19, 2016

Monitor Audio CW Custom Subwoofers Deliver Smart Bass for Installers

Monitor Audio’s ultra-compact CW8 and CW10 cubes are designed to generate deep bass impact with high output from easy-to-hide enclosures.

CE Pro Editors · September 15, 2016

Monitor Audio Expands Commercial Entry Range with Trimless Models

The PRO-IC Trimless Series in-ceiling designs are developed to carry the brand’s proven audio performance to every room within homes and commercial properties more discreetly and cost-effectively than ever. See them at CEDIA 2016.

CE Pro Editors · September 12, 2016

Monitor Platinum In-Wall II Speakers Set Category Benchmark

The new Monitor Platinum In-Wall II loudspeaker utilizes proprietary drivers, along with a proprietary crossover network, and a three-way design to produce impecable sound quality.

Robert Archer · August 30, 2016

CEDIA Q&A: Monitor Audio Launches Luxury Platinum In-Walls, All Weather Extreme Speakers & More

Monitor Audio/Kevro is going all out at CEDIA 2016 with several new lines of in-wall, in-celing, outdoor and performance speakers and subwoofers.

CE Pro Editors · August 15, 2016