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Audio Video Therapy Groovy Event Louis Armstrong

Audio Video Therapy Holds Groovy Event

Audio Video Therapy’s 2021 Groovy Event featured in-person product demonstrations from KEF, Klipsch, Paradigm and Luxman electronics.

Robert Archer · December 03, 2021

KEF and Marcel Wanders Collaborate on Special Edition LS50W Loudspeaker

Working with the designer Marcel Wanders, KEF has introduced its special edition LS50W loudspeaker.

Robert Archer · January 09, 2018

KEF Ci Series Loudspeakers Just Keep Getting Better and Better

CEDIA 2017: Addressing high-performance, built-in installations, KEF’s Ci Series line includes its Ci200RR in-ceiling speaker and Ci4100QL, Ci3160RL and Ci5160RL in-wall loudspeakers.

Robert Archer · September 25, 2017

CEDIA 2016: KEF Enhances ‘Extreme’ Ci Speaker Lineup, Shows Special Edition Blade

British manufacturer KEF highlighted its $10,000 Ci5160REF-THX THX-certified architectural speaker, a couple of in-wall/in-ceiling subwoofers and a Black Frost finish for its impressive Blade Two.

Arlen Schweiger · September 16, 2016

CEDIA Q&A: KEF T Series In-Wall, In-Ceiling Speakers Are Thin Enough to Fit in Tight Spaces

With KEF’s T Series in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, the T stands for Thin. See the T Series, the KEF Blade Demo and other new products from KEF at CEDIA 2016.

CE Pro Editors · September 01, 2016

KEF Hydro Blaster Spray Removes Water Vapor, Improves Wireless Audio Sound

KEF Hydro Blaster is an aerosol spray ($99.99 per can) claims to radically improve transmission of wireless audio signals.

Jason Knott · April 01, 2016

KEF R50 Speaker Addresses Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Configurations

Dolby’s Atmos surround sound technology is the latest format to enter the home theater market. With the R50 speaker from KEF, installers can offer their clients a solution that retrofits their existing systems or can be combined with the Q series, R series or Reference series of products to accurately reproduce Atmos soundtracks.

Robert Archer · September 17, 2014

KEF Debuts M500, M200 Hifi Headphones

KEF has introduced its M500 and M200 headphones, joining a growing number of manufacturers getting into this category.

Rachel Cericola · April 23, 2013