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“‘If anyone has a statute that prohibits audio in a covert camera we’d all like to hear about it,’ comments legal expert Ken Kirschenbaum….”

This is forbidden in at least those states where all parties to a conversation have to assent to its recording. Yes, it’s a camera, but while the statutes mentioned in the article refer to recording audio, this article does not refer in any way to the devices used to make such recordings, be they a mic, a hidden recorder, a camera, or a super-genius parrot.

Posted by Ernie G on Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Comment on 'Is It Illegal to Install a ‘Hidden’ Smart Speaker?'.

I have to agree with Adroit1. Our top installations are A/V, followed by Network, followed by Smart Home. To compare, I took a look at what their network installation provided—Install network and configure up to 2 computers and 1 peripheral. Yeah, I guess if all you do is plug in a low-end WiFi router and configure the three devices, you might be able get in and out in less than 30 minutes and be able to make a small bit of money at the $99 price-point.

The typical network we install isn’t so simple. Our customers want the whole house and all of the surrounding property to the property line lit up. A simple install for us is a high-end WiFi router, an access point (meaning we crawl attics or under the house), mounting network devices, dressing and labeling all cables, configuring multiple computers and peripherals, configuring A/V equipment in multiple rooms, and training the home owners on how to set up their guest’s devices on their new guest network. And that’s a simple network. We often do multiple access points, out buildings (pool houses, shops, etc.) connected to the network with bridges, etc.

I wasn’t able to find pricing for add-ons to the base service, so I couldn’t compare what they were offering to our real world work. It would be interesting to compare that pricing to ours.

Posted by Steve Cooper on Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Comment on 'Office Depot Launches Smart Home Installation Service'.

Hi Dan, thank you for reading the story. I have spoken with Brad during some of his various career stops. I am excited to see Hegel enter the install market because I do believe custom install is the present and future of consumer audio, and I am happy to see Hegel recognize where the market is heading. Through Brad’s experience I believe the company will be successful working with integrators. Happy holidays, Bob.

Posted by Robert Archer on Tuesday, December 18, 2018
Comment on 'Hegel Music Systems Enters the Home Theater Market With C5 Series Amps'.

I am trying to figure out how they make any money. At that price, the truck roll is not even paid for. I am certain there are extras for everything, but that will only make the customer less trustful of Office Depot, who should have told the customer what the visit would really cost in the first place

Posted by Adroit1 on Monday, December 17, 2018
Comment on 'Office Depot Launches Smart Home Installation Service'.

Bob, I could be mistaken, but I believe you have probably had conversations with Brad Paulsen at Hegel? Many of us have known Brad for 30+ years and may not be aware of his National Sales Manager position with this manufacturer? I personally go way back with Brad when he was with B&K Components and have attempted to follow his whereabouts for last 4 decades. Dan C - Audio Plus

Posted by Audioplus on Friday, December 14, 2018
Comment on 'Hegel Music Systems Enters the Home Theater Market With C5 Series Amps'.

I understand that these systems have their place, but I’m getting really tired of manufacturers confusing consumers by calling systems “wireless”.  They call their integrator to have them come out to look at their home, and then state that, “I’d like all of the speakers to be wireless” meaning even their speakers in their kitchen ceiling.  It’s an easy explanation as to why that won’t work, but their first thought is that you’re trying to sell them more than they want.  Nothing is truly wireless until electricity is wireless.

Posted by jmcdermott1678 on Wednesday, December 12, 2018
Comment on 'WiSA's Big Comeback? LG Plans Big OLED Panels Meant for Wireless Atmos and DTS:X Channels'.

Congratulations David,
And thanks for all the great moments in our heady and fun a/d/s/ days. Our annual Las Vegas tradition of dinner at Pamplemousse still brings back fond memories of a time with our mutual mentors; my boss, Dr. Godehard Guenther, founder of a/d/s/, and yours, Hall of famer Mr. Len Tweten. There couldn’t have been a better way to celebrate the specialty high end audio business they taught us so much about.

I just watched the Hall of Fame speeches by Len and Jim from the 2013 CE awards ceremony. All I can say is; ’WOW’. Jim so clearly defined their customer centered attitude, and how to grow that into a magnificent business. And then Len stepped up to remind us; it was all about the music and a very focused group of brands that delivered a superior experience. His passion still showed and reminded me of what drove our business ‘back in the day’.

You’re right, half of the battle is won if you just show up. I’ll add to that sentiment by suggesting if you show up and know your stuff when it comes to music and movies, then you’ll always have an opportunity to demonstrate what a superior experience premium products and system designs can deliver. If we do more of that we’ll see fewer plastic speakers and cheap TV’s in the worlds finer homes. And that will make them better places to live!

If you google ‘Len Tweten’, the CE Youtube speech comes up. As Youtube wants to keep you engaged, after the CE video came a movie; Flawless with Michael Caine and Demi Moore. It’s by Magnolia Pictures and begins with Dave Brubeck’s Take 5.

I think Len and GG were messing with me from specialty audio heaven!

Posted by jrbishop on Monday, December 10, 2018
Comment on 'CTA Award Winner David Kaplan Advises Industry to 'Show Up''.

For the next PSA, they should warn website designers against having static navigation headers and hovering ads that make watching embedded videos extremely frustrating on mobile devices, especially when the videos don’t automatically play in full screen and the full-screen video control buttons don’t work. Yes, I’m talking to you CEPro.

Posted by Carlton Bale on Saturday, December 8, 2018
Comment on 'Tom Cruise PSA: Turn off HDTV Motion Smoothing, Avoid 'Soap-Opera Effect''.

We all know the danger of using generalizations, but apparently some of us use them anyway.

In the video, Tom states that “most TVs come with motion smoothing turned on by default” and says that manufacturers make it difficult for users to turn it off.  In Sony projectors there are nine Picture Modes or Calibrated Presets.  The Motionflow default is different depending on the mode you choose.  For “movie modes” (Cinema Film 1, Cinema Film 2, Reference and Bright Cinema) the default is “True Cinema” which removes the 2:3 pulldown that is built into the 60 fps video format.  For “TV modes” (TV and Bright TV) the default is “Smooth Low” which provides some interpolation that makes the image appear smoother with less motion blur but does not incur the “soap opera effect” which is quite evident in “Smooth High” setting.  Smooth High setting is certainly appropriate for watching televised sports like hockey and basketball which is created at 60 fps but includes inherent undesirable motion blur.  Smooth High is not recommended for dramatic programming, but Smooth Low is not objectionable for dramatic content.  For the remaining picture modes (Photo, Game and User) the default setting is “Off”.

Setting Motionflow to “Off” will actually provide a result that is not what the creators intended because the native video signal has motion judder due to the fact that it is not mathematically possible to evenly divide 60 by 24.  True Cinema mode takes advantage of the 120 fps refresh rate of the projector to properly display movie content by showing each frame of the movie for 1/24th of a second, as it was created.

Of course, at any time and in any picture mode the user can easily access and change the Motionflow setting to the choice they prefer.  When a user first presses the “Menu” button on the projector or remote control, the picture menu appears and Motionflow is the fifth item down on this menu screen.  Selecting Motionflow on this screen brings up a list of choices (which may vary slightly depending on projector model) and the user can easily choose any available mode, including OFF.

Posted by AndreFloyd on Friday, December 7, 2018
Comment on 'Tom Cruise PSA: Turn off HDTV Motion Smoothing, Avoid 'Soap-Opera Effect''.

Well Deserved David!  You’ve had the passion for a long time and mentored many of us along the way.  Thanks for all you have done and will continue to do. I know you’re not done.

Walt Zerbe

Posted by oneaudiofreak on Thursday, December 6, 2018
Comment on 'CTA Award Winner David Kaplan Advises Industry to 'Show Up''.

Basically you’re right, especially regarding manufacturers. From a dealer point of view, even if you serve the 1% of the 1%, you should embrace the new app- and wifi-based mass market products because a lot of it is “good enough” for most upper income homeowners and some of it is very good.

Posted by Brad2018 on Thursday, December 6, 2018
Comment on 'JJ Opines: Make our Industry the Smartest Again'.

Me and my partner agree that having a new home installation is the best feeling in the world! We even just went over and had a look at Eltric house and found out why they arewould of course win this 13th yars in a row. Of course with all houses you need someone to clean it. At our business
we can make sure your new home installation is polished up with a fresh clean

Posted by pastashio on Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Comment on 'Get Recognized for Your Work: 2018 Home of the Year Awards Open for Entries'.

Here’s a guy that really is here to serve. Thanks for everything, David!

Posted by Julie Jacobson on Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Comment on 'CTA Award Winner David Kaplan Advises Industry to 'Show Up''.


This article is on a Consumer Electronics website and the award David is being given is in relation to this industry. So perhaps it is your perspective is off?

Posted by TheDarkKnight on Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Comment on 'CTA Award Winner David Kaplan Advises Industry to 'Show Up''.

David has poured his heart and soul into this industry and is very deserving of such an award. One of my all time favorite people in the industry, Congratulations David. 


Posted by Michael Sajecki on Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Comment on 'CTA Award Winner David Kaplan Advises Industry to 'Show Up''.

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