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“Some room EQ solutions attempt to correct for impulse response by cutting off notes prematurely or starting notes early…”

Equalization is for altering the energy at specific frequencies, not for time-based adjustments. How does an equalizer allow or prevent starting notes early????????

You may be referring to what the DSP can do, but this has nothing to do with equalization, other than the fact that it may be part of what the DSP can do and that’s just a coincidence.

Installers need to know some of the science behind acoustics and sound. Period. Well, a bit of math doesn’t hurt, but how many times did we hear “Why do I have to learn this? I’ll never use it after high school.”?

Posted by highfigh on Friday, July 19, 2019
Comment on 'Room EQ vs Room Correction: What's The Difference & Why Does It Matter?'.

While ADT and Northstar (and the dozen others) are bullying each other in the same sandbox, distracting the attention of investors, law enforcement and municipalities are legislating against the entire private alarm industry that is causing long term industrywide customer attrition, much more damage than several aggressive competitors, and changing the landscape going forward.  The issue for decades has been UPR/ Unnescessary Police Response, aka False Alarms. Leadership of alarm suppliers, like ADT and Monitronics, have been promoting on-demand police response to their calls for help, while nearly all are error/false alarms, consuming up 18% of police budgets.  Millions of deterrent alarm customers are led to believe law enforcement is their silent partner, when not true.  We now know false alarms add value to alarm suppliers…. which explains how a basic technology problem remains unsolved for many decades.
Note: ASCMA/Monitronics has filed Chapter 11 BK, and was delisted this month… blaming high debt, rather than high customer/revenue attrition.
Source: Lee Jones; Support Services Group

Posted by LeeSSG on Thursday, July 18, 2019
Comment on 'ADT Settles Lawsuit With NorthStar for $3M'.

MRI carries a large line of 12-volt as well.  A new theme building maybe?

Posted by jmcdermott1678 on Thursday, July 18, 2019
Comment on 'SnapAV Acquires West Coast Distributor Custom Plus, Adds 12V to Portfolio'.

Congrats to the team at Hear No Evil.  Going forward, streamlining operations and making things more efficient will be the biggest profit center opportunity for integrators.  You can only sell and install so much product every year.  Being more efficient will also help you weather the storm during tough times and take on less profitable product categories because you make up for it in increased efficiencies.

Posted by jsayen on Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Comment on 'iPoint Boosts Employee Confidence; Turns Around Jobs Quicker for Salem, Ore. Integrator'.

We have sold many of the Panamorph lenses to customers after they see our “A - B” comparison on today’s new projectors from Sony, JVC BenQ and Epson…Brightness…Image Quality and “WOW” factor are the end result of the demo…and customers have voiced their opinions weeks.months after the purchase…many state:  “its the best money they ever spent on their HT”.


Posted by Beyond Audio on Friday, July 12, 2019
Comment on '5 Lingering Myths About 4K Home Theater'.


Posted by Julie Jacobson on Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Comment on 'Art Meets Science in $6 Million Minimalist UK Mansion'.

This is an amazing job, well-done Guy.  Not only effective but gorgeous.  I love that the acoustical issues were solved and the customer wanted more.  Problem solving+art

Posted by Walt_Zerbe on Tuesday, July 9, 2019
Comment on 'Art Meets Science in $6 Million Minimalist UK Mansion'.

I really appreciate

Posted by jasont777 on Monday, July 8, 2019
Comment on '5 Lingering Myths About 4K Home Theater'.

I don’t understand people who think that just okay is good enough. My customers wouldn’t want just okay when I do my work. You wouldn’t want the car you drive to have been put together by a car company that is just good enough. It is also a fallacy that MP3 is good enough at all. It is what many have grown to accept, but it is terrible to listen to, except in loud environments, and then it wouldn’t matter because the music is just background noise, which is really the difference. When listening to MP3 you are simply avoiding listening to the world, when you are listening to HRA, you are listening to the music because it is what you want to hear.

Posted by Adroit1 on Saturday, July 6, 2019
Comment on 'How 'Digital Media Expert' Shelly Palmer Gets it Wrong on High-Res Audio'.

Can you explain what you mean by “back-end service provider”? Are you just talking about RMM’s and PSA’s or actual customer service?

Posted by mbaty on Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Comment on 'Imagining a Universal Tech-Support Platform for Smart-Home Pros'.

When I first got my Paladin DCR lens,  I had 4 people over for a demonstration. We watched the first couple of chapters of GOTG2, Star Trek and some of Passengers ( all on 4K Blu-ray ). Lens on, lens off. Everyone preferred the picture with the lens in place. Not only was the picture brighter over all, the extra 2.5 million pixels gave the picture more detail and one person thought more depth at times. The opening of Star Trek in particular showed more detail and nuances in the picture. And I’ve measured 38% more light for HDR ( using 4096 x 2160 ) vs zooming with 3840 x 2160. My guests are still commenting about how much better scope films look. It’s definitely worth the cost and expense in my book. And I was a confirmed ” no A lens / zoomer ” guy for 10 years. This vertical compression lens work better than any lens I’ve owned. Even at my short 1.41:1 throw ratio.

Posted by Craig Peer on Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Comment on '5 Lingering Myths About 4K Home Theater'.

Regardless of whether people can tell the difference between file types and resolutions, consumers should seek out the highest levels of quality whenever possible. With hardware prices becoming more affordable people should listen to high res content, especially when it is delivered through formats like MQA, which doesn’t require a lot of storage.

Posted by Robert Archer on Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Comment on 'How 'Digital Media Expert' Shelly Palmer Gets it Wrong on High-Res Audio'.

Exactly, Joey, as mentioned in the article. Same with security monitoring. Let a platform developer dominate for several years as the industry adjusts business models and then (as in IT world), let the back-end guys splinter off into their own niches and competitive platforms.

Posted by Julie Jacobson on Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Comment on 'Imagining a Universal Tech-Support Platform for Smart-Home Pros'.

Julie - makes sense and agree that standardizing the data flow is a critical component.  Control4’s SDDP protocol combined with SnapAV’s clout combined with all the smart people at both copmanies is an impressive combination and has the potential to move this industry forward significantly.

Another comparable industry to compare this one to is the MSP market.  Just about every successful MSP in the market servicing business’ IT needs partners with a larger back-end service provider to help bring scale, systems, and process to the business.  There are really low-end MSPs who don’t do this (and subsequently aren’t able to guarantee support) but the high-end ones all do it (and guarantee a better service experience to their clients).

Posted by Joseph Kolchinsky on Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Comment on 'Imagining a Universal Tech-Support Platform for Smart-Home Pros'.

Hi @robertsav, I believe that the electrical trade will morph in its offerings as well.  With California imposing Net-Zero by 2020 (we’ll see if that happens on time) all new houses must create what they consume.  Other states will follow.  In the case of typical energy usage, converting AC to DC is very inefficient.  Considering alternative energy sources (solar, wind, others) they convert to DC, which then ultimately gets converted to AC, then back to DC at the device (I’m talking about most device power needs within the home), that’s SUPER INEFFICIENT! There’s another big issue from all of these non-linear power supplies converting AC to DC, that of noise.  Houses today are generating so much noise (in many cases leaving the house and disturbing the grid) it’s deteriorating the AC cycle, making devices even less efficient and causing some to operate unreliably.  There will likely be DC Micro-grids in the house (I know of an electrician installing them now) to combat this as well as loads of storage batteries.  The electrical trade will morph into these offerings over time as energy mandates are passed down through legislation.  CEDIA’s going to be doing a white paper on Power Quality in the home to get a bit more into this.

Posted by Walt_Zerbe on Tuesday, July 2, 2019
Comment on 'Texas Bills Require Electrical License to Pull PoE [UPDATED]'.

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