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How Best Buy Could Win the Remote Control & the Living Room

It's 'game over' if Best Buy ever decides to leverage its buying power with a flat panel manufacturer to embed a "blue button" indicator paired with an OEM proprietary remote control for home automation.

Jun 09, 2015

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Nest Finally Adds API Partners: Logitech, LIFX, IFTTT, Whirlpool, More

Control4 is still the only sanctioned partner with a complete home automation system, but Nest authorizes garage door opener, smart LED bulbs, Google Voice Control and more.

Jun 23, 2014

Can Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Supplant ZigBee or Z-Wave for Home Automation?

Some experts say Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth, including lower-power variants, could upstage today’s dedicated home-automation protocols such as ZigBee and Z-Wave.

Jan 16, 2014

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Questions and answers from “How to become an LED Expert” webcast

Authored by: Ethan Biery, LED Engineering, Lutron Electronics 1. What are the most popular color temperatures for lamps? All incandescent lamps have a 2700K color temperature at high end; all halogen lamps have a 3000K color temperature at high end.&

Jan 08, 2014

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Ho Ho Ho from CE Pro

'Twas the eve of the new year / In a digital house / an editor poised / with a keyboard and mouse ...

Dec 24, 2010

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Sonos Offends OCD Sufferer with Crooked Books

Commenter on Engadget notes the completely random array of books in Sonos lifestyle image

Nov 30, 2010