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Explaining Liens vs. Lawsuits for Non-Payment by General Contractor

Integrators who sign a contract with a general contractor and not directly with the client cannot sue the homeowner if you are not paid, but you may be able to file a mechanics lien against the property.

Jason Knott · December 22, 2015

How RoseWater’s Giant Home Battery is Different from Tesla’s

CE Pro contributor Wayne Ortner responds to the question of whether or not Tesla’s Powerwall has made the RoseWater Residential Energy Storage Hub obsolete following his article from CEDIA Expo 2015.

CE Pro Editors · October 18, 2015

Time to Dump ‘Installer’ or ‘Technician’ Job Titles

I propose changing the lexicon to eliminate the terms ‘installer’ and ‘technician’ from job classifications and Help Wanted ads if we want to attract top, young talent to the custom integration industry. ‘Specialist,’ ‘network engineer,’ ‘tech specialist’ and ‘engineer’ are more apropos job titles.

Jason Knott · September 16, 2015

No Respect: Why Custom Electronics is Rodney Dangerfield of Design/Build Sector

Without industry-wide generally accepted rules and standards (not regulations) for installation, the custom electronics industry will always ‘Get no respect..’ We need traditional schooling, pricing standards and expected service levels.

Joseph Kolchinsky · August 13, 2015

Death Knell Ringing for Manufacturers, Integrators Who Still ‘Don’t Get It’

3 disturbing conversations with leading manufacturers and a top custom installation company that still do not perceive how the industry must shift from an equipment markup business model to one based on providing valued services.

Joseph Kolchinsky · August 11, 2015

Caution: IT Could Eat A/V for Lunch

While IT manufacturers and dealers encroach into the custom A/V industry, there are no successful examples of the A/V industry moving into IT. Eventually, both dealers and manufacturers will pay the price for not focusing on services.

Joseph Kolchinsky · August 10, 2015

2016 CES $100 Registration Fee Kicks In

The new fee structure to attend the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has begun. Integrators will now have to pay $100 to $300 to get in.

Jason Knott · July 22, 2015

Are Home Robots Ready to Play in Internet of Things?

Home robots have the functionality to do everything from mob the floors to clean the gutters, but the next generation may become integration friendly thanks to location precision and UWB communications.

CE Pro Editors · July 21, 2015

How Best Buy Could Win the Remote Control & the Living Room

It’s ‘game over’ if Best Buy ever decides to leverage its buying power with a flat panel manufacturer to embed a “blue button” indicator paired with an OEM proprietary remote control for home automation.

Paul Self · June 09, 2015

Nest Finally Adds API Partners: Logitech, LIFX, IFTTT, Whirlpool, More

Control4 is still the only sanctioned partner with a complete home automation system, but Nest authorizes garage door opener, smart LED bulbs, Google Voice Control and more.

Julie Jacobson · June 23, 2014