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How Integrators Can Take Advantage of Incentives and Tax Savings

Integrators who have experienced a dip in business during the pandemic may be able to take advantage of a few lesser known tax credits and income tax deductions.

CE Pro Editors · August 11, 2021

How Integrators Can Launch a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative

Having a strategic plan for creating a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative is critical for success, so here are a few key ways for integrators to get started.

CE Pro Editors · August 06, 2021

Time Period Extended for Paying Back PPP Loans

Businesses that appealed SBA loan decisions now may have up to 6 months longer to begin paying back PPP loans.

Jason Knott · August 03, 2021

US Government Launches Payment Protection Program Forgiveness Portal

The SBA has created a new portal that will begin allowing small business owners to apply for PPP loan forgiveness starting August 4.

Rodney Bosch · August 02, 2021

D-Tools Cloud Image Quoting

D-Tools’ Evolution Comes Full Circle with D-Tools Cloud

D-Tools CEO Randy Stearns describes how the D-Tools Cloud SaaS software solution complements its locally based D-Tools SI platform.

Jason Knott · July 29, 2021

How Unified Communication Platforms Can Help Integrators and Manufacturers Collaborate

Making good use of unified communication platforms is one key way to make sure technicians, manufacturers, and end-users have the best possible integration experience.

CE Pro Editors · July 23, 2021

Can Smart Home Technology ‘Drastically Reduce’ Home Insurance Premiums?

Software aims to educate insurance agents about smart home tech, claiming robotic vacuums and lawnmowers will ‘drastically reduce’ premiums.

Jason Knott · July 22, 2021

Why Communication with Customers Is Pivotal for Integrators Amid Supply Crisis

Integrators who want to keep their projects running smoothly throughout 2021 would be wise to focus more on good customer communication practices.

Zachary Comeau · July 19, 2021

Hiring Integrators in a Hybrid World

Be sure to really understand what the company is looking for when hiring a new employee, including whether experience or adaptability is more desirable for a given job.

CE Pro Editors · July 15, 2021

EPOS Hybrid Workforce study Vision 3

EPOS Study Finds Difference of Opinion Concerning Hybrid Workforce

Hybrid and remote work has become the new standard for many businesses, but data from EPOS shows a distinct divide in opinions among respondents.

Robert Archer · July 13, 2021