Aspire Technologies QuoteWerks Version 23 Software

Aspire Technologies, Inc., has announced its newly released QuoteWerks Version 23 dealer software. The Fla.-based company says that its latest sales quote software includes upgrades such as enhanced security protocols like multi-factor authentication

Dec 02, 2022

OneVision Hires Industry Vet Brad Camp

OneVision Resources has announced that Brad Camp joined the company as director of business development. Brad Camp arrives with significant industry experience after spending his early career with retailer Best Buy and the past decade on the leaders

Nov 22, 2022

Jetbuilt Hires Jonathan Breckon-Rowe

Global project software company Jetbuilt has recently welcomed Jonathan Breckon-Rowe to the team as EMEA manager. Jonathan Breckon-Rowe, former chief technology 0fficer at industry heavyweight Kramer, brings with him over 25 years of industry knowled

Oct 24, 2022

One Firefly’s Bright Idea to Help Dealers Become Video Marketing Mavens

Turnkey Video Pioneer service from One Firefly offers dealers the opportunity to take advantage of multiple platforms to promote projects, testimonials, showroom tours and more.

Oct 24, 2022

Jetbuilt Details Project Proposal Software Enhancements at CEDIA Expo

Leading cloud-based platform provider Jetbuilt walks CEDIA Expo 2022 attendees through technical data fields, engineering scrub, CRM funnel, installation module and more.

Oct 21, 2022

StormAudio Certified for madVR Labs Envy Program

StormAudio has announced it has joined madVR Labs’ Certified for Envy program in the AVR/AVP category as an initial Certified Partner. The Certified for Envy program ensures that audio/video products meet the highest quality standards for video exc

Sep 27, 2022