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Why Locally Targeted Digital Marketing Can Earn Your Company 4x the Clicks

Netsertive’s Jay Diamond, Vice President of Sales for Home Technology and Home Goods Division, discusses benefits to its Home Systems Integrator Digital Marketing Program over potentially wasting ROI by using bad keywords and ineffective online ad campaigns.

CE Pro Editors · May 25, 2018

More Great Hiring Tips in Tight Labor Market: Join Industry Forums, Pay for Referrals

Experienced home-technology integrator suggests participating in industry forums to find potential employees with the right skillsets, and offering generous bonuses for referrals.

CE Pro Editors · May 16, 2018

How Sound Affects Your Home Theater Customers’ Emotions

By appealing to customers’ emotions via certain soundtracks and biological reactions to music, integrators may be able to boost sales of home theater equipment.

CE Pro Editors · May 14, 2018

7 Ways to Avoid Client Sticker Shock

Breaking down proposals into smaller chunks, not being the first person to submit a quote, and selling design first are just three tips to avoid client sticker shock to your pricing.

CE Pro Editors · May 02, 2018

3 Key Trends to Turn Clicks into Clients

Get digital marketing insights and trends from Netsertive’s network of hundreds of AV integrators.

CE Pro Editors · April 24, 2018

New Google Mobile-First Indexing Could Hurt 66% of Integrators’ Websites

Integrators’ websites that do not have ‘responsive’ mobile-friendly design could ‘plummet’ in Google ranking starting April 21.

Jason Knott · April 19, 2018

7 Tips for Marketing to Homebuilders, Architects, Interior Designers

Send a free Amazon Echo Dot to help break the ice, and other advice such as sitting on local boards, leveraging manufacturers, and hosting events are other inventive ways to build business with trade partners.

CE Pro Editors · April 12, 2018

Smart Home Pros Kill ‘em with Coddling, when Customers Just Want Convenience

All those rich people who purchase smart-home systems and big TVs on Amazon … are they “not your customers anyway” or do they just want a simple buying experience, a la Uber and Amazon?

Julie Jacobson · April 10, 2018

5 Color Trends for Technology in 2018

Clients are already embracing new color palettes in everything from kitchen backsplashes to light fixtures. Make sure the hues of your smart-tech offerings are on trend.

Lisa Montgomery · April 04, 2018

7 Complaints of Successful Luxury Salespeople

Change these seven problems, from spending too much energy on social media to altering product lines, and boost sales by 30%, according to the Luxury Institute.

Jason Knott · April 04, 2018