Which U.S. State Has the Most Smart Home Tech?

The states that have the highest rate of smart home technology adoption may surprise you, according to a recent study.

Nov 16, 2023

Should We Focus on Work-Life Balance or Work-Life Wellbeing?

Shifting employee attitude towards the concept of juggling two separate lives is causing many to view the traditional approach to ‘work-life balance’ as archaic today.

Nov 01, 2023

Adding Motorized Shades to a System Could Boost More than Project Size

As part of CE Pro's Motorized Shades Deep Dive, Data by D-Tools uncovers a surprising use for motorized shades as a potent sales tool.

Oct 31, 2023

There’s No Slowing Motorized Shades Sales Growth in 2023

Automated window treatments/shades is as close to a surefire investment as an integrator can make, according to the latest CE Pro exclusive reader research.

Oct 30, 2023

Help Total Tech Summit Keynote Speaker Kirk MacDowell By Taking This 6-Question Poll

Kirk MacDowell, the keynote speaker for Total Tech Summit 2023 event, is asking industry professionals to take a 6-question poll.

Oct 27, 2023

Lack of Public Charger Reliability Corks Up Consumer Interest in EVs

Interest and sales remain close to all-time highs, however public infrastructure issues has made the adoption rate of EVs stagnate.

Oct 25, 2023