Manhattan Media Room Receives a Clever Touch Up from Sound & Vision

The irregular shape and tight design constrictions of this downtown apartment almost proved to be a deal-breaker before Meridian got introduced.

Nov 15, 2023

BenQ Steps Up Game with New Projector, 3D Golf Simulation Planner Tool

Short-throw 1080p BenQ LH600ST includes Screen Fill and Golf Mode features; free 3D Golf Simulator Planner aids system design to address room environments.

Nov 08, 2023

‘Plant Room’ Keeps Systems Manageable in Sprawling Sydney Home

Given the client's line of work putting them in direct fire of state sponsored cyberattacks, the work done on this equipment room is as impressive as the home itself.

Nov 08, 2023

Epson Now Shipping EpiqVision Ultra LS650 Ultra-Short Throw Projector with Smart Streaming

The EpiqVision Ultra LS650 ultra-short throw projector is a $2,800 unit that incorporates a 2.1 audio system and smart streaming services.

Nov 01, 2023

Gregg Chopper Named COO of Audio Advice

Audio Advice, a dealer of high-performance home theater, audio, and smart home systems, has announced the appointment of Gregg Chopper as chief operating officer. “As Audio Advice has grown, we have pushed the envelope to deliver great customer exp

Oct 31, 2023

Short-Throw Lift from SI Bolsters Projection System Performance

Screen Innovations' new Short Throw Lift can be used to blend short-throw and ultra-short throw video systems into a range of residential and commercial environments.

Oct 26, 2023