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Bose Professional Partners with Barco for AV Collaboration

 Following the recent announcement of availability of the Bose Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing device, Bose Professional is now partnering with Barco to offer a complete audiovisual meeting solution. Bose Pro states that as people adapt to working both in the office and remote, it’s the hybrid office and meeting rooms that enable continued collaboration while maintaining human […]

Robert Archer · March 01, 2021

The ABCs of WFH: How To Get The Most Out of Videoconferencing Platforms

Practical tips on getting the best look and sound from the various videoconferencing platforms – for your WFH clients AND you.

CE Pro Editors · February 26, 2021

Bose Pro VB1

Bose Videobar VB1

Bose Professional has announced its Bose Videobar VB1 all-in-one USB conferencing product. According to Bose’s pro division, its latest product brings audio and video conferencing to meeting spaces and other rooms. Bose Professional states the VB1 incorporates six beam-steering microphones that actively focus on spoken voices, while rejecting noise. The product employs proprietary Bose transducers, […]

Robert Archer · February 25, 2021

Strategic Growth Strategy Helps Desert Valley AV Expand Into New Markets

Arizona-based Desert Valley AV adds electrical division, and expands geographically into California with strategic purchase of Audio Concepts.

Jason Knott · February 25, 2021

DEG Steering Committee Releases Terminology List

The Digital Entertainment Group’s (DEG) D2C Alliance Steering Committee, has released a list of industry terminology endorsed by its members to help standardize communication about the various digital streaming models and services and to align the messaging regarding their features and benefits. The Alliance-adopted terminology ̶ which spans linear, transactional and subscription businesses ̶ is a first step in proactively addressing […]

Robert Archer · February 25, 2021

EPOS Introduces Amplify Partner Program

The EPOS AMPLIFY Partner Program encourages participation from a broad range of partners, and it is created to differentiate themselves in a rapidly changing and evolving market. Rather than focusing on evaluating partner levels from revenue targets only, the program emphasizes heavily on involvement and engagement for the EPOS brand to foster Return on Investment, […]

Robert Archer · February 24, 2021

DPL Labs Begins 48G Reference Standard Beta Testing

Issues in the 8K gaming community have shown the need for advanced cable testing, and now the 48G Reference Standard beta is available from DPL Labs.

CE Pro Editors · February 24, 2021

Steve Gadd’s Jazz Band Blicher Hemmer Gadd Release Film

American drummer Steve Gadd has performed with some of the most iconic names in music, including Eric Clapton, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney and Steely Dan. So, when the legendary drummer raves about the jazz he creates with saxophonist Michael Blicher and organist Dan Hemmer, it behooves music lovers to listen. Music fans can check out […]

Robert Archer · February 23, 2021

Spotify HiFi Billy Eilish

Spotify Hi-Fi Ups Streaming Quality Ante, But Is It Worth It?

Spotify is looking to compete with Amazon, TIDAL and Qobuz with its new Spotify Hi-Fi lossless stream service option.

Robert Archer · February 23, 2021

Dish to Market and Sell ADT Smart Security Products

ADT Inc. and DISH Network Corporation, have announced a partnership whereby DISH will begin marketing, sales and installation services for ADT smart home security products. DISH is a connectivity company with more than 20 million subscribers across its pay-TV and wireless brands. DISH customers will receive access to ADT products and services sold and installed by DISH’s nationwide […]

Robert Archer · February 23, 2021