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All-in-One Correction Tools by Metra Home Theater

Metra All-in-One Correction Tool Fixes Your HDMI Issues

The HDMI AIO2 device can restart your HDMI signaling ‘negotiation’ process to ensure the system overcomes resolution, audio, EDID, TMDS or other potential stumbling blocks.

Arlen Schweiger · September 16, 2019

Q&A: Joe Zhang, Product Manager, FIBBR

FIBBR’s Joe Zhang spoke with CE Pro about the company’s CEDIA Expo 2019 plans and its new Pure2 fiber-optic HDMI cable.

CE Pro Editors · September 11, 2019

Lightspeed Fiber Optic Cable

LightSpeed Fiber Optic Cables

The LightSpeed brand of fiber optic products from Future Ready Solutions include 1gb and 10gb Singlemode and Multimode fiber SFP transceiver modules, fiber optic patch cables, 10g SFP to SFP Direct Access Cables (DAC’s), indoor and outdoor (weatherized) enclosures, and a variety of adapters and couplers for fiber-to-fiber connectivity. LightSpeed Fiber Optic cables and couplers […]

CE Pro Editors · September 10, 2019

Metra Home Theater Group Introduces New Helios Retail AV Products at CEDIA Expo 2019

Metra Home Theater Group will be showing off two new Helios retail AV kits during CEDIA Expo 2019: the AS-AVKIT1 and the AS-AVKIT2. The products are designed to power, connect, protect and even clean home theater devices. The kits combine multiple products into one package that provides the user with everything needed to complement a […]

September 09, 2019



FIBBR’s Pure2 active fiber optic HDMI cable features a new, more powerful optical engine, increased bandwidth (24Gbps), and a USB pigtail power supply to ensure that the optical engine never runs out of power. FIBBR’s active connector design contains an optical engine that is no larger than a passive design. The Pure2 design adds a […]

CE Pro Editors · September 06, 2019

4AMPS retrofit faceplate

#1 DIY Product at CEDIA Expo You Really Want But Won’t Make Money On

4AMPS retrofit faceplate slips over existing electrical outlets, powers smart devices via retractable cable.

Julie Jacobson · September 03, 2019

CEDIA Expo Preview: Cleerline Ups Its Fiber Game with AOC, Rugged Micro Cables

Cleerline’s Rick Sant spoke with CE Pro about the company’s latest products coming to CEDIA Expo 2019 including new HDMI AOCs, rugged cables and more.

CE Pro Editors · August 16, 2019

Boccaccio: HDMI Extenders Suffer from Manufacturing Inconsistencies

While HDMI extenders can be very useful, integrators should be careful because any lingering cable deficiencies can limit their effectiveness.

Jeff Boccaccio · August 08, 2019

Metra Home Theater Hosts ‘The HDMI Cable Face-off’ Workshop at CEDIA Expo 2019

Jeff Boccaccio of DPL Labs and Metra Home Theater’s Brent McCall will lead one-hour seminars on the pros and cons of all transmission lines during the CEDIA Expo 2019.

Robert Archer · August 01, 2019

HDBaseT Spec 3.0 Being Finalized; Supports 4K/60/4:4:4 up to 328 Feet

HDBaseT Alliance hosts several members at InfoComm 2019 with latest HDBaseT products and solutions.

Lisa Montgomery · June 05, 2019