CE Pro 100 2010


The data from the 12th annual CE Pro 100 show a downturn of 17 percent in 2009 with the average company on the list reporting $5.43 million in residential custom installation revenues. That figure is down from $6.59 million last year and down 27 percent from the peak of $7.4 million reported in 2007. Correspondingly, the average number of installations was also lower by 26 percent.

But that’s where the bad news ends. Optimism is rampant for 2010. CE Pro 100 integrators responded to the crisis by properly paring down their staffs and boosting per-installation revenue by a whopping 20 percent. Members of the CE Pro 100 put their staff productivity into overdrive, increasing the revenue per employee by 3 percent to $139,957 per employee.