Totem Acoustic Signature One Celebrates Company ‘Comeback’ for 30th Anniversary

The newly available Totem Acoustic Signature One 30th Anniversary loudspeaker represents the company’s history and overall design goals.


Quoting LL Cool J's Mama said Knock You Out,  the Canadian company Totem Acoustic says “don't call it a comeback” when referring to the introduction of its new 30th Anniversary Signature One loudspeaker.

After discussing its latest speaker with CE Pro this past summer, Totem has announced the availability of its 30th Anniversary Signature One loudspeaker, which draws inspiration from past Totem products including its original speaker, the Model 1. 

“The Model 1 will always have a special place in my heart because it launched Totem, but we've progressed signficantly over the past three decades and felt our 30th Anniversary was the perfect time to commemorate and honor our heritage,” says Vince Bruzzese, president and founder, Totem Acoustic. 

“The Purpose of the Signature One was to epitomize what Totem set out to accomplish and provide to our loyal followers. It's a transcendental listening experience that transports a listener right into the event or medium, placing you intimately within the studio and among the artists or makes you part of the crowd if it's a live recording. It's involving, intimate and embodies the Totem exerience.”

Totem Acoustic Signature One 30th Anniversary Represents Evolution for Company

Developed as a successor to the Model 1 speaker, Totem states its 30th Anniversary Signature One loudspeaker is a unique product. 

Utilizing a larger footprint, the 30th Anniversary Signature One loudspeaker incorporates a 6.5-inch mineral infused woofer that comes from the company's Forest loudspeaker that has been customized for implementation in the anniversary model. 

Reproducing the anniversary model's high frequencies is a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter. That resides in a rear chamber that is said to lower resonance while aiding its power handling capabilities by acting like a heatsink. 

Controlling the 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter is a hand-made crossover network. All of these components live in a artisnal cabinet design that features a lock-mitered, monocoque concept with full cross-bracing and internal and external veneers.

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Totem Acoustic also utilizes Borosilicate dampening to help manage internal enclosure energy, and the Montreal-based company adds the speaker's front baffle's rounded edges and rear-baffle angles avoids parallel faces to shape dispersion while minimizing diffraction. 

“A modern spin on all things retro is currently a strong trend in production and marketing,” notes Lucy Lentini, vice president of sales and marketing, Totem Acoustic. 

“The current shape of the Mustang and Beetle are slightly updated takes on designs from the 1960s. Vintage dresses are today's haute couture, and in our industry turntables have made an unlikely comeback. The short lifecycle for trends and technologies has bred consumer fatigue and a preference for products with a longer lifespan,” she says.

“The Signature One, while undoubtedly an homage to our history, is a retro yet timeless design that will outperform competitors throughout its 25-plus year lifespan.”

The 8-ohm, 87.5dB efficient Signature One delivers a frequency response of 45Hz to 22kHz, and the speaker carry an MSRP of  $2,650 per pair.  

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