The ADAPT Software Experience: Crestron Dealers and Integrators Discover a Better Way

The DAPT software suite is changing the paradigm for many dealers and giving them the edge over other automation solutions. See it at CEDIA 2016.


Crestron integrators around the nation are reshaping their home automation business and realizing dramatic improvements in efficiency, profitability, and quality. Utilizing the revolutionary ADAPT software suite is changing the paradigm for many dealers and giving them the edge over other automation solutions.

Audio Command Systems (ACS) is one of the largest audio/video integration companies in North America. With a bevy of industry awards and a 40 year history, their continued success is testimony to the quality of their organization and the insight of their leadership.

Michael Grady, co-CTO for ACS, recently shared his initial impressions of the ADAPT software suite:

“I have evaluated dozens of 3rd party Crestron programming options through the years always with the same result, not enough customization, not supportable long term, and/or just poor programming standards. Once I saw capabilities and amount of control available from the ADAPT software I knew the game had changed.”

He continued by sharing his experiences using the ADAPT suite for ACS projects:

“We have recently started to use ADAPT exclusively. In our first project we saved 25 percent programming time versus similar projects. As we become more proficient in programming ADAPT I expect to see these numbers to drop another 25-35 percent.  Overall the ADAPT suite has been a real game changer for ACS. This has allowed us to provide our clients a system with more features while drastically reducing programming times. The staff at PanTech design has been an incredible team to work with and we look forward to collaborating with them and continue our relationship long into the future.”

ACS is not alone in discovering a better way to program, deploy, and manage Crestron control systems. Lorenzo Giles of Innovative Technology Solutions shared:

“We attended CEDIA 2015 and found the gem that is ADAPT. After using their demo we knew right away that this would change our business forever… The level of support we received from ADAPT was amazing… I highly recommend ADAPT to any integrator looking to streamline their process and deliver a product that truly harnesses the power of Crestron.”

Mike Willis of ATI America compares ADAPT with his experience using other solutions:

“…when we heard of ADAPT we were a little skeptical. Now, since we've been using it for the past few months, we are blown away. It's years beyond what we've seen with Home Elements. It makes using the full power of Crestron easy…  We can program a home in a fraction of the time and have our techs on site make any changes that the homeowner might request. Definitely worth the purchase and we are happy to be on board the ADAPT team!”

CEDIA 2016 attendees will be able to see the ADAPT software suite in action on September 15-17 at Booth #8014.

From small boutiques to one of the largest integrators in the nation, our customers are discovering a better way. For more information on how ADAPT can work for your Crestron programing business, email or visit us online at