Stewart Filmscreen Launches Phantom High Ambient Light Rejecting Screen at CEDIA

Stewart Filmscreen’s next generation 16K+ HDR-ready screen technology is designed to deliver high performance in any environment, day or night.


For several years the projection market has been popularized by a new generation of light rejecting screens that allow homeowners to watch broadcast, movies and streaming content in rooms with ambient light. 

Entering this burgeoning category with a state-of-the-art solution is a company known for its benchmark projection screen products: Stewart Filmscreen. During CEDIA 2016, show attendees can see the new Phantom screen in booth 4108.

The screen is available in seamless sizes up to 40 feet by 90 feet. Dealers can order Phantom HALR with most of Stewart Filmscreen's fixed frame or ElectriScreen models, as well as its Cinemaperf or Microperf X2 THX Ultra configurations, to maintain acoustical accuracy. The screen is also future-proof, thanks to Stewart’s proprietary 16K+ resolution capabilities.

The Phantom is UHD and HDR-ready, and will calibrate out to REC 2020 or REC 709 standards without obvious color aberrations or shift that skew the primary and secondary colors. 

“The new Stewart Filmscreen Phantom HALR black screen represents a unique and highly differentiated offering for the residential and custom installation marketplaces. It has been a long time coming but we believe the industry will find it was well worth the wait,” says Shannon Townley, president and CEO, Stewart Filmscreen.

“Phantom fills a distinct gap in the marketplace, offering integrators and technology professionals the best of all worlds; a large, high ambient light rejecting screen that can be configured as either a fixed frame or roller screen model up to 40-feet x 90-feet in size, that can also be perforated for acoustic transparency, and suitable for the most demanding audiences and environments,” continues Townley. “That killer combination—and it is indeed killer—hasn’t been available in the projection screen category until now. Phantom HALR is a very exciting product that’s being launched at the perfect time.” 

In test results, the Phantom delivered contrast ratios over 30:1 for a 2,000 lumen output projector in a room with 20-foot candles of ambient light, and several light sources hitting the screen at 40-degree angles. In rooms with more than 50-foot candles of ambient light, Phantom HALR still achieves ANSI standard contrast ratios. 

Phantom is designed to deliver the brightest images, truest colors, whitest whites, and blackest blacks in any environment. It is neutral in both horizontal and vertical direction thanks to a proprietary multi-layer composition, so it has no directional limitation. Because Phantom uniformly rejects ambient light across the full screen width and height, there is no “sweet spot axis.” This means whether you’re sitting directly in front of the screen or off-center, every seat in the house is the best.

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