Audio Installation Benchmarking Study


The only way integrators can often recognize either weaknesses or strengths in their own custom installation operation is by comparing what they do against others. Unfortunately, in the cottage industry that is custom installation, data is often hard to come by.

That’s why CE Pro undertook with snapshot study on the state of audio installations among custom integrators. Our goal, among other things, is to discover how fast or slow particular new technology trends, such as computer-based audio and wireless audio, are being adopted, for example. This quick download of the first-ever “Audio Installation Benchmarking Study” will allow you to gauge yourself against the rest of the industry in terms of:

• Are your audio sales growing, stagnant or stable?
• Are you installing enough subwoofers?
• How do your audio buying habits compare to other integrators?
• What’s the most popular audio brand on the market?
• Where should you buy audio products?
• How important is margin vs. price vs. audio quality?