PanTech Design’s ADAPT Software Receives Esteemed Crestron Integrated Partnership

ADAPT’s programming software makes programming Crestron products only a matter of hours instead of days.


In its most recent achievement on August 22, ADAPT is pleased to announce that it has joined the Crestron Integrated Partner (CIP) family, which recognizes the new ADAPT software suite as a legitimate Crestron solution.

ADAPT is now part of an exclusive program among the top leaders from the audio/video, lighting, HVAC, pool, and security worlds. All CIP products, including ADAPT, have been tested and verified by Crestron that they perform correctly within their systems environment.

With ADAPT, Time Is No Longer an Enemy, ADAPT’s high tech software makes programming Crestron products only a matter of hours instead of days. Beyond lighting fast programming, making additions or changes are no longer an issue when using the ADAPT software. Whether adding a controller, additional zones, or other devices and features, there is now the ability to incorporate changes quickly and easily through ADAPT.

From field technicians to programmers, your entire team has the power to make run time adjustments. Crestron integrators can now tap into the efficiency boosting accessibility of the ADAPT suite and get last-minute changes completed painlessly without sacrificing design integrity or functionality.

“We’ve had a great relationship with Crestron for 12 years but having ADAPT named as a Crestron Integrated Partner only strengthens that relationship and shows us all that Crestron believes in the future of ADAPT too,” Morgan said.

The future of ADAPT is looking bright. CEDIA 2016 attendees will be able to see the ADAPT software suite in action on August 15-17 at Booth 8014.

PanTech Design, the parent company of ADAPT, has been a trusted Creston Services Provider with quantifiable experience within the automation and integration field for over a decade. Headed by Troy Morgan, the PanTech team specializes in both third party programming and software development. PanTech Design was founded on the belief that that there was a better way to deliver great, easy to use software without limiting what a programmer could do. PanTech and ADAPT are the embodiment of innovation and are truly reShaping Control in the integration industry.

For more information, contact or visit ADAPT online.