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Optoma Puts Projection Mapping in Your Hands with Professional App

Optoma’s Projection Mapper app enables users to project video onto multiple flat surfaces to create artful entertaining displays.


One of the most glamorous technologies that is currently gaining steam in the commercial A/V industry is projection mapping. Bringing this advanced technology down to an affordable, mass-market level, the global A/V company Optoma has just announced its new Projection Mapper app

Optoma says its new app enables users to project video and graphics simultaneously onto multiple flat surfaces or 3D objects to create entertaining displays quickly and easily. 

“As projection increasingly becomes a mainstream entertainment experience, we're excited to bring fun and unique experiences to users,” says Brian Soto, head of product management, Optoma Technology. “Content mapping has existed in the professional realm for years, bringing art and entertainment to venues around the world. And with the holidays upon us, it opens endless possibilities for festive entertainment displays.”

The manufacturer says typically projection mapping is used for applications like concerts, theaters, museums and other public displays. The app, which is designed for simple implementation of projection mapping is compatible with any projector that connects to smart devices via Apple AirPlay, Chromecast or HDMI cable to support projection mapping in a variety of environments.  

Projection mapping allows users to set multiple pieces of content to fit different surfaces simultaneously. In real-world situations, projection mapping means that DJs can display cool graphics while blasting crowd-pleasing music, and in residential settings, homeowners can showcase family photos in one space, while running video in another space. 

The app works with HD content and files types that include .JPG, .PNG, .MP4, .MOV, .M4V, 3GP and MKV. The Optoma Projection Mapper app is available on the Apple iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire platforms, and it can be used for residential and commercial applications. 

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Robert Archer
Robert Archer:

Bob is an audio enthusiast who has written about consumer electronics for various publications within Massachusetts before joining the staff of CE Pro in 2000. Bob is THX Level I certified, and he's also taken classes from the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA). Bob also serves as the technology editor for CE Pro's sister publication Commercial Integrator. In addition, he's studied guitar and music theory at Sarrin Music Studios in Wakefield, Mass., and he also studies Kyokushin karate at 5 Dragons and Brazilian jiu-jitsu at Binda Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; both schools are located in Haverhill, Mass.