James Q-Series Speaker with Built-In Subs Complements Home Decor

If you prefer beauty over stealth, James Loudspeaker’s Q-Series speakers with built-in subwoofers can compliment elegant home theater systems.


James Loudspeaker has announced its new Q-Series speakers, built to meet the various aesthetic and audio fidelity requirements of its dealers. 

Primarily developed for high-end two channel listening, these systems are designed to blend old classic design methodology with modern technology. The floorstanding line's customization draws from a wealth of technologies and features such as reinforced MDF enclosures, aluminum bar stock grilles, and its signature 1-inch Beryllium quad tweeter array. 

Through the loudspeakers' power handling capabilities, dealers can integrate the products into stereo and multichannel surround sound systems. 

Aesthetically, James says the Q-Series speakers are inspired by Quartz crystals.

James Loudspeaker Q-Series Models

Q30: Engineered to produce a quality listening experience from a small footprint, the Q30 incorporates James' quad array of Beryllium tweeters. According to the company, the quad tweeter array ensures the speaker's ability to produce a smooth high-frequency response, while delivering high output levels. 

The Q30 also employs an 8-inch midrange driver and an 8-inch long-throw woofer that both employ aluminum cones and Santoprene rubber surrounds. 

Q48: Utilizing the same biamping system and 12-inch subwoofer, as does the flagship Q60, the Q48 also includes a pair of 8-inch woofers, two 5.25-inch midrange drivers, and the James quad tweeter array.

Q60: As the flagship solution within the Q Series line, the Q60 incorporates the previously mentioned biamplification system, which means it's designed for use with dual amplifiers. James explains that integrators can dedicate one amp to power the speaker's full-range driver array, and the other amp to power the speaker's 12-inch downward firing aluminum-cone woofer. 

The full-range driver array features a three-way system with two 8-inch woofers, two 6.5-inch midrange drivers, and the James Beryllium quad tweeter system. The Q60 is engineered to reproduce lifelike dynamics, and the highest levels of detail within musical passages and movie soundtracks. 

Prices are as follows: the Q30 speaker is $6,000 each, the Q48 speaker is $10,000 each and the Q60 speaker is $15,000 each.

The company adds that all of the Q-series products are built in its Napa, Calif. factory. James Loudspeaker products are only available through its authorized dealer network. 

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