Minnesota-Based Integrator Turns 12,000-Square-Foot Mansion into Custom Home of the Year

After dealing with audio issues in their recently constructed summer home, these homeowners brought in an integrator who added a suite of AV tech to solve the problem.

Minnesota-Based Integrator Turns 12,000-Square-Foot Mansion into Custom Home of the Year
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This 12,000-square foot summer home on Lake Minnetonka has lots of lavish amenities and artworks the homeowners curated to create their perfect vacation paradise out in the woods. However, after the home was built, the owners noticed an issue with echoes and sound leakage throughout the property, and decided to call in Admit One Home Systems of Edina, Minn. to not only solve the problem but also add a whole bunch of technology.

In order to solve the problem, Admit One Home Systems worked with the home’s builders, Hendel Homes, architect Eskuche Design, and designers from Studio Brown Bag to make sure acoustic panels from Artnovian would fit into the space without detracting from the decor.

The panels were added to areas of the home with large, active open spaces (home theater, living room, etc.), and a mixture of drapes, Roman shades, and roller shades were upgraded to materials that interact more favorably with the home’s acoustics.

Photography Loving Homeowners Add Frame TVs to Showcase Art

In addition to their love of all things Minnesota, the homeowners are huge photography and music fans and wanted a way to display their love of art beyond simply hanging paintings or listening to music on their 7.1 surround sound system. Admit One decided the Frame TV from Samsung would be a perfect fit for the home, so several were installed, allowing the owners to display their own photos virtually anywhere in the home.

The Frame TV from Samsung adds yet another artistic flourish to this sitting room.

Other additions include a full lighting suite throughout the home, including over 60 Crestron keypads for control purposes. Admit One also added 70+ in-ceiling Sonance speakers, custom Leon Speakers soundbars, and 80 shade rollers to help boost the sound while dampening echoes and sound leakage.

In addition to the indoor sound system, integrators added an entire 16.2-channel outdoor audio system, allowing the family to enjoy their favorite artists no matter where they are in the home. The end result is a home that won the Consumer Technology Association‘s Smart Home Division 2020 Mark of Excellence Award for Custom Home of the Year!