High Performance Audio Supplement


When sociologists discover long-lost enclaves of primitive humans deep in the Amazon rain forest, there is one remarkable common thread in every instance: They dance and create music. Whether they are singing or using rudimentary percussion instruments, the discoveries prove that there is a very deep instinctual need or emotion within all humans for music. They have never heard Beethoven, The Beatles, Sinatra or Beyonce, but they still desire music.

It’s that instinctual need that integrators are tapping into when they respond to their clients’ musical desires. This special report from CE Pro delves into high-performance music from several different angles to help you communicate the power of music. First, we have an interesting Q&A with noted rock guitarist Zakk Wylde that will give you perspective on how musicians (and younger generations) might feel about audio performance. Next, Grammy-winning producer Jack Joseph Puig discusses analog vs. digital and offers up a great demo playlist. In the third section, CE Pro asked three integrators to spec audio systems across three broad ranges: digital audio only, home theater audio and ultra-expensive audio. Check it out and let us know what you would change. Finally, we look at vibration isolation equipment, a new add-on product category for your vinyl enthusiast clients.

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