CEDIA Q&A: ClearView Innovations Shows Custom TV Mirrors at CEDIA 2016

ClearView Innovations will host a raffle at CEDIA 2016. Visit booth 6229 to enter to win a waterproof TV, $500 gift certificate or 10 video cards.


CEDIA 2016 is coming to Dallas on September 13-17. CE Pro spoke to Brian Walter, president, ClearView Innovations, about the company's plans for the show and what to expect in booth #6229.

For those looking to become a dealer, call 888-343-4665 or email sales@clearviewtvmirror.com.

What would you say to dealers who are already familiar with your product line?

Come see what’s new at CEDIA. Ask us about our marketing and tradeshow assistance programs.

What would you say to dealers who are stumbling across your company for the first time?

I’ve been involved with TV Mirrors for 12 years. We make custom solutions to fit your needs quickly, reliably and affordably. Come see why you should partner with us.

If an integrator stops by your booth with only 5 minutes to spare, what’s the one product he should examine or one question he should ask?

What do your TV Mirrors look like when off? We’re one of only two manufactures, that I’ve seen, that completely disappear when off.

What’s your most memorable CEDIA moment?

Probably my first CEDIA in 2006 in Denver. Just overwhelmed my all the possibilities one could have in their home.

Do you have any giveaways, contests or quirky features planned for CEDIA?

We have a party on Friday with a raffle. Win a waterproof TV, $500 gift certificate or 10 video cards.

Think of your closest competitor. What is one thing you do offer that they don’t? 

I hate to say price, but I don’t like to lose business based on price. Everyday we work hard on supply chain management while tweaking our simplified automated processes, to deliver a high quality product at a reasonable cost.