CEDIA 2016: 8 Smart Home Gems That Consumers Will Love

Consumer publication Electronic House calls out eight gems from CEDIA 2016 that will get your customers excited about home automation.


CE Pro's sister publication Electronic House is, as many of you know, a consumer publication.

Electronic House editor Lisa Montgomery calls out eight smart home finds from CEDIA 2016 that you can use to get your customers excited about home control and automation.

Products like Amazon Alexa have been said to get customers in the home automation door. If you don't at least ask your clients about home automation, it's just money left on the table — and not a small amount either. 

Consumers have also expressed interest in smart locks, security sameras and invisible TVs, all pretty neat products that sound enticing on their own but could really be baby steps toward whole-house control. 

Check out a few consumer favorites from CEDIA.