Bob Archer’s Top 10 CEDIA Expo 2019 Products: Torus Power AVR Elite

Adding cloud-based web connectivity, the new Torus Power Elite line of power products provide more than just protection.


In a category that’s dominated by overhyped marketing messages and pixie dust products, the Torus Power AVR Elite line of products stand out.

Putting it bluntly, Torus is one of a handful of companies that omits the B.S. and sticks to the facts when it comes to its product line.

Focusing on its latest products, the newly announced Torus Power Elite AVR series of isolation transformers provide isolation, surge protection, power conditioning and now remote, cloud-based management.

Why Choose the Torus Power AVR Elite?

Using top-of-the-line materials and construction techniques, Torus products are built like tanks. Engineered for mission-critical commercial applications that include recording studios integrators can implement Torus’ product line on individual systems such as AV or home networks, and the company also offers whole-house system solutions.

Looking at the newly announced AVR Elite line of products, like other Torus products, the line is tested by third parties to validate the products’ surge capabilities.

Torus says the products also provide high-current delivery, as well as its Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulation that protects against voltage fluctuation, and Series Mode Surge Suppression.

The new Torus Power AVR Elite line of products features third-party tested surge protection, isolation, voltage regulation and remote cloud-based monitoring.

In addition, the products also incorporate 32-bit processing and the company’s TorusConnect power control system.

TorusConnect is a cloud-based platform that provides control, programming, data logging and integrator reports to enable dealers to monitor and service power-related client issues.

Supported by a companion TorusConnect WebApp that is compatible with today’s smart devices, the app’s Installer Dashboard can be configured for single installations or multiple installations.

“I am really pleased to be able to show you the new AVR Elite. Now with Torus Power AVR stands for Automatic Voltage Regulation [AVR] and not AVR receiver, and this new Torus Power Elite unit,” comments Kevin Main, COO and president of Torus Power.

“What we’ve done with this unit is redevelop the entire unit from the ground up. New boards in the unit; really improved voltage regulation with multi-tap transformers so we’re actually looking at the voltage that is coming in from the environment and regulating the output to 120 volts +/- 4 to make sure everything that is plugged is being plugged into the unit is running optimally, exactly how it should be.

“We’ve also added the new Torus Power Connect Cloud Control server to this unit. So full control from any device—you can look at what is on power for any particular installation, but [it] also generates reports on a monthly basis on what has happened in that environment. We have an installer dashboard for multiple installs—just a full suite of features—you can control and monitor the power in any installation from anywhere in the world,” says Main.

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