Bassist Al Carty Adapts to Changing Music Industry by Updating Home Office AV System

Once the coronavirus became a daily concern for musicians everywhere, touring musician and producer Al Carty knew he needed to upgrade his WFH set up to include a 4K webcam and quality microphone.

Bassist Al Carty Adapts to Changing Music Industry by Updating Home Office AV System

Before the world went into periodic lockdowns and work-from-home grew from a curiosity to a standard operating procedure, many people didn’t put a lot of thought into the quality of the cameras and microphones they use to present themselves digitally. For touring musician, producer and recording artist Al Carty, it became clear as the COVID-19 virus continued to wreak havoc on daily life that we may be experiencing a permanent revolution in the way we communicate and work.

“Covid has been a great accelerator for many current tech transitions, and artists, musicians, and really anyone who wants to be prepared to tackle new opportunities in 2021 needs to consider their digital capabilities,” says Carty. “Most of us had gotten used to built-in microphones and cameras being mediocre, but some content creators, especially video creators, had begun investing in higher quality cameras, microphones and lighting systems.”

Realizing this new fact of professional occupations, Carty reached out to industry contacts and eventually learned about the ClearOne Aura camera and microphone systems that use artificial intelligence to provide special functions. Soon after, Carty became the proud owner of a ClearOne Aura Versa 150 system, which includes a UNITE 150 PTZ 1080p camera with a 12x zoom and a CHAT 150 speakerphone, along with an additional ClearOne UNITE 50 4K camera to enable dual angles and more creative options.

“Every gig you do is an interview for the next gig, and first impressions are as important as ever,” says Carty. “Today, part of that equation is using cameras and microphones that you trust to present you clearly and provide superior ability to collaborate and produce digital content.”

ClearOne Offers Range of Products to Suit Muscians’ WFH Needs

ClearOne offers a comprehensive range of “Good, Better, Best” packages of enterprise-quality audio, video, audio-video home office solutions options, providing a layer of flexibility for integrators and musicians alike.

“Gear is important to me, and even though my home studio sports a minimalist setup, it’s crucial to not minimize the importance of each piece of equipment I own,” says Carty. “Every component plays a role, and it all has to work together to produce the sound I want, to project the image I want, to allow me to practice my craft and collaborate with other professionals remotely…”

Carty notes that some of his colleagues and friends in the industry already offer lessons or participate in other virtual projects, and he has even cut tracks in hotel rooms in the past. In the future, he plans to travel with the UNITE 50 4K camera and CHAT 150 speakerphone. 

“On top of the advanced functions and ultra-high-quality audio and video, I love that the ClearOne Aura gear I have is compact enough to throw in my laptop bag and take on the road,” adds Carty. “For mobile recorders, performers and anyone who wants professional-level collaboration they can take with them, these solutions are hard to beat.”

Carty’s opportunities for remote projects grew in 2020, and virtual collaborations are likely a permanent new avenue for musicians to create and share their art and passions with fans and colleagues. As the industry continues to evolve, direct fan contact grows in popularity, and performers look to capitalize on new opportunities, it will become more important than ever for integrators to provide the best video and audio processing available.