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Straight Wire Introduces 3 New Cable Products

Straight Wire has announced its Expressivo Grande II speaker cable, Pro Quad Plenum interconnect and Expressivo Grande interconnect.

Here's a look at the construction of Straight Wire's Pro Quad Plenum Connect cable.
Robert Archer · December 14, 2017

Expanding its selection of high-performance cable products, Straight Wire has announced three new products. 

The Fla.-based company's new Expressivo Grande II speaker cable, Pro Quad Plenum Interconnect and Expressivo Grande Interconnect products provide Straight Wire dealers an additional choice of two interconnects and a new speaker cable to meet a range of client price and performance aspirations. 

Here is a closer look at the three new Straight Wire products:

Straight Wire Expessivo Grande II Speaker Cable 

The Expressivo Grande II speaker utilizes Straight Wire's "air suspension" helix design, and Straight Wire says that the cable provides low resistance with six "compacted" air suspended 15AWG of OFHC copper. 

Other aspects of the cable's construction include multiple low dielectric insulations that optimize mechanical and electrical performance. Straight Wire says the spiraled foam PE rod has also been modified to allow for more air space within each positive conductor tube. 

Straight Wire sums up the Expessivo Grande II Speaker Cable design by saying it employs Compressed Conductor Technology, which combines the best attributes of solid core and stranded-conducted concepts.

Pro Quad Plenum Interconnect

The Pro Quad Plenum Interconnect is a plenum-rated product for applications such as in-wall installations where plenum-rated cabling is required. 

Straight Wire points out the Pro Quad Plenum Interconnect incorporates four 22AWG conductors of compressed OFC copper, along with FEP low-dielectric insulation to ensure reliable electrical performance. 

Straight Wire says the cable features a high-coverage 87 percent tinned copper braid shield and alum/mylar foil to ensure low inductance and low microphonics. 

Integrators can terminate the Pro Quad Plenum Interconnect in the field, and Straight Wire supports the cable with RCA, XLR and noise-dumping RCA termination options. 

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Expressivo Grande Interconnect

Designed as a higher-performing version of its Expressivo Interconnect, the Expressivo Grande employs silver-plated conductors. 

The Expressivo Grande features Straight Wire's CCT technology with four air suspended 21AWG OFHC silver-plated conductors.

Multiple low-dielectric polypropylene and polyethylene insulations are used to improve electrical and mechnical performance, and the cable's spiraled insulator is also said to have minimum contact with the conductors to suspend each inside a thin tube wall. 

Straight Wire also points out the Expressivo Grande uses a high-coverage 90 percent braid shield and anti-static black micro-fiber braid help to ensure mechnical stability and minimum microphonics. 

Externally the cable features a mesh material that's available in a choice of black, white or gray, and Straight Wire emphasizes the Expressivo Grande's modified Star Quad Helix design allows integrators to terminate the cable in the field. 

Termination options include RCA, XLR and noise-dumping RCA connectors. 

Learn more about the company's products on their website.

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