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Stop Intruders Dead in Their Tracks

The U.S. is the world-wide leader in break-ins per year. What are you doing to protect your home?

Advertorial · March 6, 2015

The growing number of home invasions per year in the U.S. has prompted homeowners across the nation to question the efficiency of their home security systems. With a residential burglary occurring in the United States every 15 seconds, invasion prevention is no simple task.

Methods such as alarm and surveillance systems are a necessary component of protecting your home; however they are not truly geared towards stopping burglaries before they happen.  An alarm system activates after the intruder has entered your home, while surveillance lends knowledge to a crime after the fact. How do you truly stop a burglar dead in his tracks before they set foot in your home?

A remarkable number of intruders ring the doorbell to check if anyone is home before breaking in.  The most effective way to prevent these potential intruders is to be able to speak to them while they are at your front door without opening it. A front door intercom system is the first step; an intercom forwarding system directed to your mobile phone is the next.

Channel Vision manufactures an intercom forwarding module that provides homeowners with a solution to front door entry on-the-go. The Mobile Intercom Connect allows you to speak to visitors at the front door, as well as unlock the door using a code entered from your mobile phone or alternative land line. For added security, the door will relock after a programmable time frame.

Mobile Intercom Connect is equipped with built-in surge suppression to protect your entire home intercom system from voltage spikes and lightning. The system is specifically designed to work with Channel Vision’s existing telephone entry controllers for maximum compatibility and top-of-the-line performance.

You are the first defense between your home and an intruder.  Be prepared with the Mobile Intercom Connect from Channel Vision.

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