Red Sox Pitcher Mark Melancon’s High-End Audio System

Before the start of the 2012 MLB season, Red Sox relief pitcher Mark Melancon had an 11-zone Niles audio system installed in his Texas home.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Mark Melancon and his wife, Mary Catherine, use the Niles iRemote to select music for their home.
Grant Clauser · April 13, 2012

What does a professional baseball player do months before he has to trade uniforms and play for a team in different city? Get a high-end home audio system installed in his house, of course.

That’s what new Red Sox relief pitcher Mark Melancon did just before he packed up for Florida for spring training. Previously with the Houston Astros, Melancon still makes his home in Texas. He recently had a new Niles ICS whole-house audio system installed by Modia.

Melancon hadn’t ever seen (or heard) a whole-house audio system like this before, but he’s a believer now. He explains that when he and his wife first saw the house, it already had a system, an older Niles product, installed, and that’s when his interest in the concept began. “Just listening to it for a couple of minutes when we walked through the house was something special,” he says.

Once the couple was moved in, they knew they needed a system like the one they’d heard on the house tour, but the prior owners took it with them. When they met with Modia to plan out the system, ease-of-use was a top priority. “We specifically chose the Niles ICS system because of the simplicity of programming and operation,” says Modia’s Prashant Mody.

“There are other systems where you spend just as much time running wires and then have to spend even more time with the programming,” says Mody. From a time management point of view, the Niles system let Modia spend most of their time on the actual wiring and speaker installation, and very little on programming. “This system is very installer friendly, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time setting up the product,” he adds.

Photos: Red Sox Pitcher Mark Melancon’s High-End Audio System

To make matter easier, Modia put in their due diligence by going to the site far in advance to assess the situation, take pictures and plan the installation out in detail. When the team arrives to start running wires and install equipment, they’re sure they’ve got all the right gear and know exactly what conditions to expect. “That way we avoid any surprises when get there,” Mody explains. “If we bill a job for 25 hours, we plan on 6 or 7 hours of assessment.”

While the house had some of the wiring already done, Melancon’s plans for his new audio system were much bigger than what had previously been there. The old system only had three audio zones. The new system upped that to 11 including four zones of outside audio.

imageMelancon has Niles rock speakers that line the walkway in his front yard. (Click image to enlarge)

Being in Texas where the weather is warm for much of the year, outdoor music was a high priority for this home. Melancon spends a lot of time outside. In the large front yard, he has Niles rock speakers along the walkway, speakers mounted outside the garage and more speakers in the back around the pool, fire pit and the area that will eventually be an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor TV is probably in the home’s future as well.

“I’m excited to have a Super Bowl party next year because there will be people in the pool, and we’ll have a TV out there to watch the game and be surrounded by audio,” he said.

Melancon says living with an integrated whole-house audio system is a completely different experience. From any of the wall-mounted touchpanels or the portable Niles iRemote he can control the source and volume of any zone in the house. “The first thing I do in the morning is get out of bed and hit the keypad in the master bedroom to turn music on in the kitchen. When I get down to the kitchen it’s already playing for me. Then I usually head outside to do some yard work and put on more music outside.”

The Niles ICS system is based around the GXR2 multi-zone receiver. The receiver is modular, so users can add the modules they want for whatever music sources they like including iPod, satellite radio, HD Radio, and network music. The Melancons mostly listen to their iPods and Pandora. He says he’s a real country fan, so expect George Strait on his playlist.

Music throughout the house is provided by both in-ceiling and in-wall speakers because the Melancons didn’t want to see bulky speakers taking up floor space. Even in the living room, where the couple has a home theater system set up, the architectural speakers do double duty for the whole-house system and for movie surround sound. An eight-inch subwoofer hidden in a cabinet provides the LFE support. To navigate between the Niles audio system and the home theater system (consisting of a Sony LED TV and a Sony ES receiver), Modia programmed a URC MX remote control.

Even though there was already some structured wiring in place, the expanded system required a lot of pre-work before Modia actually installed the equipment. Several new wire runs, including wiring for the new touchpanels, plus all the outdoor speaker wiring, had to be mapped out from scratch. Reaching some of the upstairs areas was a challenge, but Modia found a small crawl space that would help them get from the main floor to the third floor. To make it easier for the installers, they built a ladder from 2x4s inside the crawl space and left it in place in case they or anyone else needs access to that area again.

The only drawback to this cool new system is that it was completed just before Melancon had to pack up for the season. “It’s a little disappointing that we have to leave, but it’ll be fun to come back to. I’ll press a button and it’ll be home again.”

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