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Q&A: Fibaro Details the Functions of the ‘World’s Smallest’ Security Sensor

Fibaro USA's Rich Bira reviews the vital intermingling between home automation and security systems, as well as how integrators can use its golf-ball-sized Multi-Sensor to detect light, motion, temperature and even earthquakes.

Jason Knott · November 25, 2014

The intersection between security and home automation cannot be denied. The Fibaro Home Intelligence System aims to make that transition for integrators seamless from a functionality and design standpoint. Fibaro USA’s managing director Rich Bira explains to CE Pro the key functions dealers should tout to clients, along with more details on its award-winning Multi-Sensor security sensor.

What are the key home security-related features of the Fibaro system?

Rich Bira: The Fibaro system is driven by advanced security features starting with complete two-way integration with traditional wired alarm panels like DSC, GE, and Honeywell. Furthermore, all our Fibaro sensors—like Door/Window, Smoke, Flood, and Motion—have unique features that allow for individual alarming with PIN code even from our suite of mobile apps. Our Smoke and Flood sensor can be hardwired into an alarm panel giving the consumer an additional level of protection and peace of mind. Additionally our system integrates a vast amount of cameras available on the market, even ptz cameras, which can be controlled remotely or pulled up in case of a triggered alarm or event. Video doorbells integrate as well via our built in VoIP sip server.

Fibaro seems to put a lot of effort into creating cool designs for its sensors. How do you balance between design and functionality when you are creating your products? How important is the design? Does it make it more acceptable by consumers?

Bira: Design and functionality is a very unique process at Fibaro and equally as important. Our designs, who have won many awards globally (for example iF Design Award 2014), are inspired by nature, which give our devices very unique and organic designs. Our unique and extensive R&D process has the great benefit of having all development, design, and manufacturing take place at one location in Europe. This process allows us to pack a lot of innovative technology and features in the smallest designs in the industry, all while having the highest quality components used, resulting in a beautiful industrial designed product.  For the consumer having a highly functional device in such a small beautiful enclosure is very appealing, especially since it seamlessly blends in with their home décor. 

How important is security as a lead-in for integrators to use when trying to sell a home automation system? Are consumers asking for security functions first?

Bira: Personal and family security is one of the most important features of a smart home today and should be an important lead-in for integrators. Statistically it is the leading factor a consumer seeks out some form of an automated home. They want to be protected from potential fires, burglaries and any other damaging event like a flood. Over the years we have seen a high level of demand for products that address these concerns so we have designed products like our flood sensor, door/ window sensor, smoke sensor and now motion sensor to fit these needs for consumers. Each one of these products are multi-functional with unique individual alarming capabilities for an extra level of security and notification. Our consumers really enjoy the level of security our devices provide them and they want more! 

The Fibaro Multi-sensor that detects light, motion, temperature and acceleration.

Tell us about the Multisensor that combines motion, light and temperature all in one sensor?

Bira: We are proud and honored that the Fibaro Motion Sensor was just selected as a CES 2015 Innovation Award Honoree. The Multi-Sensor is the world’s smallest of its kind, coming in at 1.7-inches; it’s about the size of a golf ball. The size gives it very appealing flexibility for the end consumer for placement and blending in with décor. The sensor incorporates four particular functions; detection of even the slightest movement (yet pet friendly), light sensor, temperature sensor, and accelerometer for alerting of any tamper attempt. (The accelerometer can be set for earthquake detection.) 

A very unique feature of this motion sensor is the LED colored eye with millions of color options that visually alerts a consumer of various conditions like temperature within the room being to high or low. The consumer can adjust what color is displayed to various conditions and can even adjust the strength of LED light from 0 percent to 100 percent. Other features include a built in Z-Wave network range tester and over the air software updates.

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