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Napco’s New ‘Connected Home’ Dealer Program Offered to Users of any Security Panel

Users of almost any popular security panel can participate in Napco's Connected Home & Smart Business Authorized Dealer Program as long as they use Napco's universal StarLink Communicator.

Napco’s New ‘Connected Home’ Dealer Program Offered to Users of any Security Panel
Napco's new Connected Home program: bring your own panel and central station, use Napco's universal communicators.

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CE Pro Editors · November 8, 2017

Amityville, NY – You don't have to use Napco's own security panels to participate in the company's new Connected Home & Smart Business Authorized Dealer Program. Designed to provide traditional security dealers with everything needed to thrive in the connected-home business, the program helps dealers take advantage of the multibillion-dollar connected-home and -business marketing.

The turnkey, three-tiered program offers custom-marketing material, coop-advertising dollars, a tech support hotline, free CEU training and consumer leads from an exclusive consumer website, and discounts on subscriber services, such as StarLink and cloud-based video subscriptions.

Dealers can bring their own security panels and central station, as long as they connect through Napco's StarLink Connect Universal Communicators.

The line includes the Universal StarLink Connect Dual Path Communicator and Z-Wave Smart Hub, new Gen. 2 iBridge Video Wi-Fi cameras, and Napco-dedicated iBridge modules. 

The iBridge Connected Home & Smart Business offerings include control of security, video, temperature, lighting and locking via Wi-Fi and Z-Wave; SMS text or MMS video alerts via the iBridge Messenger app; and video surveillance management through the iBridge WiFi Remote HD Video Service, featurin all new Gen. 2 HD Pro Indoor/Outdoor Cameras. The new service can be used standalone with the remote iBridge Video App with two-way voice, or integrated with StarLink Connect and the iBridge app to integrate with a suite of IoT services.

The StarLink Connect adds smart interactive services to any alarm system, and upgrades these systems to cellular and/or IP communications. It is compatible with Honeywell/ADT, DSC and Napco systems. 

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