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ISE Q&A: Vitrea VTouch Pro, VMax Offer Home Automation Options

The VTouch Pro, a complete RF MESH wireless smart home system, and the VMax all-in-one controllers among the products showcased by Vitrea at ISE 2015.

Vitrea is located at booth 12-B78 at ISE 2015.
CE Pro Editors · February 10, 2015

Amir Seluk, VP of sales and marketing for Vitrea Smart Home Technologies Ltd., gave CE Pro a preview of its booth (12-B78) at ISE 2015. For those looking to become dealers, visit vitrea-sh.com.

What would you say to dealers who are already familiar with your product line?
Vitrea will be releasing two new interesting and innovative product lines at ISE 2015 that we expect will be leading a change. The first solution, VTouch Pro, is a complete RF MESH wireless smart home system enabling many more clients to enjoy the advantages and benefits of home automation. The system consists of one central wireless controller and mounted wireless electric switches (for lights, dimmers, blinds, HVAC and more). This way, many retrofit projects or new builders that want to cut costs of infrastructure, can now also own a smart home system. VMax all-in-one controllers, the second product line, will have an impact on wired home automation systems as now one central controller can do many applications, without requiring clients to invest in several additional products in the electric board.

What would you say to dealers who are stumbling across your company for the first time?
Vitrea develops, manufactures and markets exclusive, high end glass touch switches and controllers for a variety of solutions. Our goal is to enable home and business owners to be able to control and connect their interior electrical appliances in an elegant yet simple and affordable way. Therefore we develop beautifully designed, innovative and reliable technological solutions for any electric need. We put a great emphasis on quick, simple installation and configuration. Within the variety of designed products we offer, one can find glass touch switches for any electric use (VTouch Classic), glass touch keypads for KNX or Lutron, Crestron, RTI, Control4 and other systems (VTouch KNX and VTouch Plus). We are now also releasing for distribution our complete wireless smart home system (VTouch Pro) and all-in-one controllers (VMax), which will not only expand the range but also give it a strong depth.

If an integrator stops by your booth with only 5 minutes to spare, what’s the one product he should examine or one question he should ask?
Since we offer a large variety of designed and innovative solutions, I would recommend the integrator describes a specific project and asks how we can give him the most suitable solution. I’m pretty sure he will find the right technological solution combined with great design at Vitrea’s booth. 

How is the European residential and commercial custom installation market different from in the U.S.?
The need for outstanding design, while having a flexible combination of products to work with, is pretty much similar in both markets. The differences are more technical. For example, switch/keypad sizes and standards are different in Europe and in the U.S. The wide use of KNX systems in Europe make a bit of a difference on the products we sell to both markets. However, other than that, the market behaviors and demands are actually pretty much the same from our point of view.

What trends did you see in 2015 that will positively impact your business?
We believe that the retrofit (wireless solutions) projects are picking up and will be an important market in the near future for our industry. At the same time, home automation is becoming more common and spread out, but still not available for many new markets due to high infrastructure costs usually related with these systems. The VTouch Pro wireless system will be a dominant player in these rapidly growing markets and will enable many new clients to enjoy an automated home or office.

What’s one last impression you’d like us to take away from your ISE 2015 booth?
The flexibility Vitrea offers its clients in terms of design, technology and solutions allows the unique upgrade of many new projects and installations. Wither you are building a new house, upgrading and apartment or just want to decorate your interior, Vitrea will supply you with the most suitable solution.

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