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IP Networks & Security: Everything You Might Not Know

Free webinar on May 22 will provide resources and solutions to 10 most common problems dealers face when installing home networks.

CE Pro Editors · May 22, 2013

Designing and installing robust, secure home networks is more important than ever. In many cases, it’s the linchpin to the customer experience.

And it appears CE pros are cognizant of this: 21 percent of CE Pro 100 integrators say home networking is their fastest growing product category, including Dennis Sage Home Entertainment, No. 68 on the CE Pro 100, which says “owning the network” is its biggest opportunity.

“Home automation and the custom installation market, in general, have quickly evolved the last few years from proprietary to IP-based communication,” says Nick Phillips, VP of sales and marketing, Pakedge. “Almost every device no longer communicates via proprietary protocol, it’s all standard IP. If clients don’t have a quality infrastructure, be it wired or wireless, none of the automation, technology, home theaters will work.

Owning the network can also be a major source of recurring revenue. Michael Pope, CEO of Audio Video Interiors (AVI) in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, says the company never relies on a client’s existing network, that it completely tears out the existing network equipment on every job and installs professional-grade equipment.

“Most people have no idea how bad their internet speed and service is until you give them a new network,” Pope continues. “Now, we get big ‘thank yous’ from clients. If we ‘own the network, we own the client.’”

Pope also discusses network service plans up front, saying AVI “added $100,000 in service plan revenue in the first year.”

<a data-cke-saved-href="/webinars/details/ip_networks_and_security_everything_you_might_not_know/" href="/webinars/details/ip_networks_and_security_everything_you_might_not_know/" target="_blank" title="<img data-cke-saved-src=&quot;; src=&quot;; border=&quot;0&quot; alt=&quot;image&quot; data-cke-saved-name=&quot;image&quot; name=&quot;image&quot; width=&quot;221&quot; height=&quot;216&quot; align=&quot;left&quot; style=&quot;margin-right: 7px;&quot; /><img data-cke-saved-src=" http:="""" images="" uploads="" webinar_teaser_pakedge.jpg"="" src="" border="0" alt="image" data-cke-saved-name="image" name="image" width="221" height="216" align="left" style="margin-right: 10px;">For all this to happen, of course, the network needs to be installed properly with professional-grade products. Pakedge and CE Pro are looking to take home networking education to the next level with a free webinar on May 22 at 2PM EDT called “IP Networks and Security: Everything You Might Not Know.” The webinar is designed for dealers who already install home networks on a regular basis.

“If you have a consumer-grade router that’s not designed to handle all the info on a large custom install, a common problem is the router gets locked up, then everything on the network gets locked up because IP commands aren’t being communicated from one device to another,” says Phillips. “This concept is becoming more and more understood by the dealers, it’s taken some time, but it’s accelerated over the last couple years.”

Phillips and CE Pro editor-at-large Julie Jacobson will discuss and provide resources and solutions to the 10 most common questions Pakedge fields on a daily basis, including:

  • My router has an external IP, but why isn’t it connecting to the internet?
  • I’m unable to talk to devices across VLANs
  • Why am I not seeing devices over VPN?
  • Why is my client’s device unable to connect to WiFi
  • What is the best way to protect a home network from new bots like Shodan that can find anything with an IP address?

“You’re going to encounter half of these problems at every job, and we want to provide dealers with reference points on how to deal with them,” says Phillips.

Come prepared to the webinar with your own networking questions, and if we can’t answer them during the live event, we’ll follow up afterwards.

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