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In with Fiber, Out with Copper: A Case for Rethinking AV System Design

Free webcast argues that in most cases copper cabling is insufficient and fiber cabling delivers more reliable, forward-compatible results for AV systems. Experts tackle outdated misconceptions of fiber challenges.

In with Fiber, Out with Copper: A Case for Rethinking AV System Design

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Tom LeBlanc, Editor-in-Chief, Commercial Integrator
November 29, 2017 - 2:00PM
1 Hr
Robert D’Addario, Cleerline Technology Group; Todd Whitaker, Inneos; and Eric Bodley, Future Ready
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October 1, 2017
Record Date/Time: November 29, 2017 at 2:00PM
Webcast Length: 1 Hr
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Fiber cables have many benefits over copper Category cables, according to the expert panelists in this free webcast. Meanwhile, AV system designers are just realizing it.

The battle between fiber and copper Category cables isn’t even close, says Robert D’Addario, president/managing director of Cleerline Technology Group and an expert panelist on the webcast.

One of the more obvious benefits of fiber over copper, D’Addario says, is its ability to stay ahead of escalating bandwidth requirements of today’s (and tomorrow’s) video formats.  One only needs to do simple math to realize category cable no longer supports the latest requirements for distributing uncompressed Ultra High Definition video content. The current HDMI specification calls for 18.2Gps bandwidth, and Cat6a is limited to 10Gps on a perfectly installed cable, he points out.

“Fiber’s bandwidth is not determined solely by the fiber itself, but rather the hardware it is connected to,” D’Addario said. “Currently there are two examples of HDMI over fiber ‘baluns’ that are pushing 24-30Gps over either one or two strands of fiber.”

“In today’s installations, in order for an installer to meet the requirements for uncompressed video distribution, fiber is now required in some form or fashion,” D’Addario said. “We are advocates of bulk fiber solutions because in the long term a fiber infrastructure will be able to handle the ever growing bandwidth demands of not only video distribution, but data distribution in the home or office.”

However, that doesn’t stop many installers from being scared of fiber, says Todd Whitaker, senior VP of sales and marketing,Inneos. An expert panelist, Whitaker says the free webcast will dispel many misconceptions of challenges related to fiber deployments and offer integrators a game plan for incorporating fiber into their AV system designs.

Another expert panelist Eric Bodley of distributor Future Ready will help integrators understand the benefits of fiber versus category cable. Topics include:

  • Why the AV industry has been reluctant to embrace fiber
  • New product developments that overcome past issues with fiber
  • Ease of deployment, termination versus Category cable
  • Forward-compatibility benefits, arguments
  • Distance benefits of fiber cables
  • Residential and commercial fiber strategies

Register for now for this free webinar. Then make your AV system designer more forward-compatible by leveraging fiber.

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