CEDIA Q&A: Devialet’s Phantom Is Unlike Any Wireless Speaker You’ve Ever Seen

Devialet uses an Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) amplifier and Heart Bass Implosion (HBI) to create an ultra-dense sound with 'physical impact' from its Phantom wireless speaker. See it at CEDIA 2017.

CEDIA Q&A: Devialet’s Phantom Is Unlike Any Wireless Speaker You’ve Ever Seen
CE Pro Editors · August 22, 2017

CEDIA 2017 is right around the corner. Hear from Alexandre Panizzoli, custom sales manager, Devialet, about what the company has in store for CEDIA attendees at booth #5700 in San Diego, Sept. 5-9. 

What would you say to dealers who are stumbling across your company for the first time?

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Paris, Devialet is the most critically acclaimed start-up in the world for innovation and excellence in audio inventions.

Our story began with analog-digital hybrid (ADH), a revolutionary patented invention that would forever change high-end amplifiers. A mind-blowing feat, this hybrid technology seamlessly blends digital and analog to produce sound quality unlike anything previously experienced. 

What would you say to dealers who are already familiar with your product line?

In November 2016, Devialet broke new ground in fundraising 100 million dollars. This landmark investment came from industrial and financial key players across the globe : Andy Rubin (Android), Bernard Arnault (LVMH), Jay-Z (Rocnation), Foxconn, Renault-Nissan…

Thanks to them, Devialet is already accelerating commercial development in Asia and the U.S. and trailblazing its technologies in bold new sectors. Automobile. Television. Internet of Things.

Always with the same ambition: becoming the world leader in the sound industry.

If a dealer/integrator stops by your booth with only 5 minutes to spare, what’s the one product he should examine or one question he should ask?

Our Phantom wireless speaker is a product targeted and tailored for audio integrators. That's why it will be the central piece of our booth installation. This is our high-end speaker that can be setup as a HiFi system, a whole home audio installation or even a home theater system.

Far more than a connected speaker, the plug-and-play Phantom triggers an intense emotional experience with the physical impact of high-end ultra-dense sound. Hi-Fi, docks, speakers, home cinema. Wireless, bluetooth, multiroom. Phantom obliterates all existing systems with zero distortion, zero saturation and zero background noise. The speaker goes all the way up to 4500 Watts and 108 Decibels.

Then there are new features and custom solutions dedicated to the CEDIA market that we are going to display in September!

Devialet Phantom wireless speaker

Think of your closest competitor (company or product). What is one thing you offer that they don’t? Please be specific.

We developed a hybrid system in a sense that we match the quality of bigger audio companies, but we built a unique system from the ground up, suitable for most audio environments.

We combine the quality and high-end requirement of a HiFi system such as Macintosh, the sleek design of B&O with its French touch, and the versatility of a Sonos connected system.

Why are you looking forward to CEDIA coming to San Diego for the first time?

San Diego and California by extension, is already our most attractive area in the U.S. where we sell most of our product. It is a region where the typical customer is either a lifestyler, keen on design, or a high-tech audiophile geek. This is precisely what our product is all about: Tech and Trend!

What 5 hashtags would best describe your CEDIA presence?






Do you have any course offerings at CEDIA?

We have a 90mn Product Manufacturer Training session on Friday, Sept. 8 at 11:00 a.m. We will give a complete insight to the brand strategy and key technologies.

Do you have any giveaways, contests or quirky features planned for CEDIA?

We might have an outside activation during the show (TBC) and a store opening in San Francisco that same week. No contests but opportunities to be invited to our yearly seminar in New York in October!

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