Breaking Down WiSA Standards, Reference Designs

At CES 2013, WiSA's Alan Ruberg discusses the group's frequency spectrum standard, references designs and then shows off the Summit Semiconductor Audio Hub.

Aaron Stern · January 9, 2013

Alan Ruberg, chief technologist of the Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA) Association, met with CE Pro during CES 2013 to chat about a few different things.

Ruberg provides an interesting overview of the frequency spectrum WiSA technology (first video) uses to communicate. The WiSA standard operates within the 5GHz transmission spectrum and the technical details and hurdles associated with making wireless audio work well.

Next, Ruberg explained the details of the reference designs that are possible for building WiSA equipment.

Finally, Ruberg gave us an overview of the Summit Semiconductor Audio Hub, which operates like a wireless A/V Receiver. The unit has HDMI inputs, strips the audio signal and sends them to the wireless speakers while passing video to the display. The iPad App offers a large amount of flexibility while maintaining ease of use in setting up the wireless audio system. Watch here for the video of his detailed explanation:

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