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Avnet and Molex Double Down on Commitment to the Smart Home

For two decades Avnet has served as Molex's global distributor, and today the partnership helps the smart home industry deliver reliable connectivity.

Avnet and Molex Double Down on Commitment to the Smart Home
Avnet and Molex expanded their relationship into a global distribution agreement in 1998.
May 11, 2018

Looking back at a successful partnership, Avnet and Molex have been working together since 1982. Expanding that partnership back in 1998, the companies are now celebrating a 20-year global distribution relationship. 

Avnet is one of the largest distributors of electronics components and embedded solutions in the world, and it services clients regardless of size across the globe. 

Over the years the company built upon a productive relationship with Molex, a manufacturer of advanced electronics components. Molex designs and produces products in a wide range of categories, including antennas, connectors, kits and tools, sensors and transducers, cables and wire and power supplies. 

Molex's products are used by Internet of Things (IoT) manufacturers, automotive manufacturers and by companies representing a plethora of other industries. 

According to William J. Amelio, CEO of Avnet, the company works diligently to keep pace with the evolution of the electronics industry and that work has resulted in many beneficial partnerships.

"Market needs change quickly," states Amelio. "Avnet has a long history of adapting to change while staying focused on helping our customers bring new products to market. From concept, to design, through to production, our unique experience combined with the broadest products and services meet our customers' critical time-to-market needs at every stage of the product lifecycle."

Avnet and Molex Get Into the Smart Home and IoT

Today, Avnet and Molex are helping IoT companies by providing them with state-of-the-art antennas that faciliate network communications. Many of those companies are smart home manufacturers producing products in the categories of security, home automation and energy management. 

Molex sees that, like the driverless car category which a growing number of high-profile companies are exploring, automated or smart homes are also growing in popularity because the technology provides homeowners with "autonomous living."

Molex emphasizes these technologies will facilitate "a new age of personal productivity at home. Tomorrow's homes will perform complicated analyses of data drawn from the cloud and local sensors, compare it with learned knowledges and preferences, and make a series of intelligent, proactive decisions that will save the home's occupant time and energy."

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