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APC Intros G-Type Power Filter, In-Wall Kit and Low-Cost Surge Protectors

A series of "affordable" power filters with remote diagnostics, a discrete flat-panel power protection solution and a line of low-cost surge protectors are APC's new products.

Tom LeBlanc · September 3, 2008

APC is revealing three new product lines at CEDIA Expo 2008: the G-Type Power Filter series, AV In-Wall Power Filter and Connection Kit, and low-cost surge protectors.

First sneak-previewed at the company’s AV Round Table Summit, the products were in development but are now ready for everybody to see them.

G-Type Power Filters

The G-Type Power Filter series, with three models, will be marketed as affordable backup solutions.

The new G-Type series models are:

  • G5
  • G10
  • G15

The black prototypes are the first 1U solutions in the APC AV line and sport a new industrial design.

While the G5 Rack Power Filter will be available “late in 2008 in North America,” Patrick Donovan, APC’s product line manager, estimates that the other G models will ship in early 2009.

The G5 features:

  • eight surge-protected outlets on the back of the unit, six for digital devices and two for high current
  • a “convenience outlet” on the front for installers
  • an LCD
  • delayed turn on/off
  • can be installed in shelf and rack configurations

“If the APC AV G5 Rack Power Filter encounters a period of extreme over or under voltage, the unit will automatically shut off so as not to damage conneted electronics,” according to a press release.

The step-up G10 has a built-in Web server, allowing installers to easily recognize a problem with a client’s system remotely. “No one else has that,” Donovan says.

Additionally, the G10 has an RS-232 port and current sensing outlets, which can report to an automation control unit eliminating a need to purchase a separate product for that function. “No one else has that either,” Donovan says.

The G15 boasts all the features of the G10. It’s also 20-amp, versus the others which are 15-amp.

The G10 and G15 have a removable flashlight, which Donovan acknowledges was initially treated with skepticism. It’s practical, though, because it’s a functioning flashlight that remains fully charged and is accessible during installations, he points out.

The G-Type series, in general, is ideal for anything that needs protection or needs to be turned on in a sequence if you don’t need battery backup or voltage regulation, according to Donovan.

One integrator at the AV Round Table Summit was impressed with the feature set and the prices of the three models, calling them “super affordable.”

G5: $199.99, currently available in North America
G10: $299.99, estimated available in early 2009
G15: $349.99, estimated available in early 2009

AV In-Wall Power Filter and Connection Kit

Manufacturers seem to be scurrying to create products that complement on-wall flat-panel TV installations. “We’ve been kind of beat up for not getting something like this out earlier,” says Donovan.

It’s a two-part device: one part goes behind the TV, while a Romax must connect the other device. While it can be hidden, a high-voltage electrician is required for the installation.

From the press release:

The In-Wall Power Filter and Connection Kit is installed by a licensed electrician who runs Romex between the inlet box, located near the head-end where the power conditioning equipment is located and the outlet box, located directly behind the display.

The In-Wall Power Filter and Connection Kit provides surge protection, power filtering and battery backup when used in conjunction with the appropriate APC AV power conditioning equipment.

According to the press release, it ships with input and output receptacle boxes, an 8-foot output power cord and a 2-foot input power cord for a TV or projector.

Available late in 2008 in North America for $149.99.

A/V Surge Protectors

Less glamorous, but designed to be extremely practical are APC’s Audio-Video Surge Protector line, which the company says is currently available in North America.

The P4V and P6V are wall-tap units. The P4V features two surge-protected outlets on each side, while the P6V has three on each side and is illuminated to aid connection.

The P8V has eight surge-protected outlets on the top. The P8VNTG also has eight surge-protected outlets, plus it features illumination.

The two eight-outlet models are shaped such that their narrow ends can sit tight against a wall taking up only about an inch of floor depth. The plugs are at the top.

The idea, Donovan explains, is that most people will put them behind entertainment systems “so these can be placed vertically for [minimum] space and [easy] access.”

Available late in 2008 in North America the P4V, P6V, P8V and P8VNTG range from $39 to $89.

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