Libris 2 Mobile PERS Fall Detection Solution

The second-generation Libris 2 mobile personal emergency response, fall detection (mPERS) is the latest solution from Numera.

Part of the Nortek Security & Control family of brands, the new Numera device features 4G/LTE network capabilities, as well as automatic fall detection, which has the ability to detect free fall and three-dimensional space analysis.

Numera emphasizes the Libris 2’s voice recognition technologies are capable of detecting audio and potential targets up to 11 feet away. The company also says the device delivers clear communications through new microphone and speaker upgrades.

Some of the other features of Numera Libris 2 include Wi-Fi location services, voice prompts, silent-alarm mode and an ambient light sensor.

The Nortek Security & Control brand adds the Libris 2 is a complete mobile PERS that runs on a large cellular network with location services.

Moreover, the Libris 2 connects to personal medical devices, and it collects and shares objective health measurement statistics such as blood pressure, pulse oximetry and activity data.

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Libris 2
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