[REC] Julie Jacobson’s Ultimate CEDIA Expo 2019 Preview

CEDIA Expo 2019 is shaping up to be like no other Expo before it, and CE Pro’s Julie Jacobson will once again give the industry a pre-show look at trends, technologies, interesting newcomers, hot happenings (and non-events), hidden gems and categories to watch.


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Booming categories (landscape lighting, light fixtures, motorized shades)

  • The CE Giants (LG, Samsung, Sharp, Sony)
  • The return of TiVo, Smartlabs and B&W after long absences
  • New recurring-revenue models (digital artwork, MDU platforms, remote monitoring of household appliances)
  • Interesting newcomers and hidden gems
  • Media management and content
  • After the mergers & acquisitions (Control4/SnapAV, Ezlo, Nice Group, B&W)
  • Audio and video happenings
  • Wellness & biophilia

On that last note, CEDIA 2019 could be remembered as the one where wellness and biophilia took off in the channel. Julie will highlight all of the happenings under the wellness banner, including:

  • First-ever Wellness Pavilion from Delos – a place of refuge for weary show-goers
  • Leon Speakers biophilic Airstream
  • New wellness categories on the showfloor, including ventilation, indoor air quality, water purification
  • More circadian lighting than ever
  • First-ever wellness meet-up

Whether you’re attending Expo or not, check out the Webinar for a good look at trends in the home-technology channel.

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