Wire And Cable

7 Tips to Improve Cable Sales

By Robert Archer · May 13, 2010 • Tributaries president Joe Perfito explains how to boost your revenue by effectively selling cable.

The Benefits of Premium Cables

By Robert Archer · May 10, 2010 • Making a case for why selling high-performance cabling can benefit your business and your client's electronics.

Challenges of Commercial HDMI Installs

By Joe da Silva · May 10, 2010 • Special consideration is needed in professional A/V integration, due to the much larger scope and complexity of commercial systems.

Locking RCA Connectors Keep Cables From Slipping

By Julie Jacobson · May 4, 2010 • Perfect Path (PPC) has locking connectors for both HDMI and RCA.

How to Choose an Outdoor Cable

By Tom LeBlanc · May 3, 2010 • Curt Hayes of Audio Design Inc. suggests run all outdoor cable through conduit.

Neat-O: Square Peg, Round Hole

By Arlen Schweiger · May 3, 2010 • Wires and blocks stuffed into an 18-inch structured wiring panel.

Why Are There More HDMI System Failures?

By Jeff Boccaccio · May 3, 2010 • Signal integrity issues causing problems throughout systems.

Q&A: Straight Wire President Steven Hill

By CE Pro Editors · May 3, 2010 • Discusses wire-based installs, high-speed HDMI, and the dangers of running plenum cable.

How Different is HDMI 1.4 from 1.3?

By Jeff Boccaccio · April 14, 2010 • Jeff Boccaccio says "very little has actually changed" between the two specs.

How to Terminate HDMI Cables in the Field

By Steve Crowe · March 25, 2010 • BTX Technologies offers a step-by-step look at its solution that terminates HDMI cables in the field.

How to Wire a Venue for 3D TV

By Digital Projection International · March 5, 2010 • DPI suggests pulling two HDMI 1.3 cables, two to three single-link DVI or one to two dual-link DVI.

Designer Turns Wire into ‘Art’ ... if You’re into That

By Julie Jacobson · February 22, 2010 • It looks like a CE Pro's wiring nightmare, but Kwangho Lee calls his wire lamp sculptures art

Say Goodbye to Analog Ports on Blu-ray Players

By Fred Harding · February 16, 2010 • Manufacturers will stop including component video ports on Blu-ray players by the end of 2010. Will it be HDMI or nothing for installers?

Hall Takes Over at Contractors Wire & Cable; McMullen Resigns

By CE Pro Editors · January 7, 2010 • Contractors Wire & Cable (CWC) announced that Randy Hall has been named the company’s new president. Hall has been senior vice president, sales and marketing since joining CWC in mid-2007 and has 20 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution. . .

Neat-O: An Old-Fashioned Wiring Cleanup

By Geoffrey Oldmixon · November 6, 2009 • Nothing worked correctly in this homeowner's system, which included 11 zones of audio, a home theater and more.

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