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VPI Industries

MarkAudio-SOTA Tozzi Two Speakers Employ Single-Driver Design

By Robert Archer · October 20, 2017 • The Tozzi Two single-driver loudspeaker from MarkAudio-SOTA utilizes a 5-inch driver that is able to reproduce a frequency response of 90Hz to 24kHz.

Mark Levinson Announces No. 515 Turntable, First in 45-Year History

By Robert Archer · January 5, 2017 • The No.515 turntable is the first turntable worthy of bearing the Mark Levinson name, created in partnership with VPI Industries

VPI Introduces Turnkey Nomad Turntable

By Robert Archer · December 13, 2013 • VPI's pre-configured Nomand Turntable features a Ortofon cartridge, a 20-pound plinth and platter assembly, a 10-inch tonearm, a built-in phono preamplifier and integrated headphone amplifier and a pair of Grado headphones.

6 Mid-Priced Turntables That Satisfy an Analog Appetite

By Robert Archer · November 1, 2012 • Vinyl is fashionable once again and the burgeoning turntable market offers a lot of performance options that allow consumers to step beyond the entry level and into solutions that sound as good as they look.