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Smart-Home Pros (No One Else) Can Own Emerging ‘Energy Automation’ Field: CEDIA Tech Talk

By Julie Jacobson · September 27, 2018 • CEDIA Expo 2018 Tech Talk: With expertise in multiple smart-home subsystems, home-tech pros can dominate emerging 'energy automation' category, encompassing home energy storage, smart-grid integration, renewable energy and home automation.

Electric Utilities Lose Relevance in Smart Home Market

By Julie Jacobson · June 19, 2014 • Growth in electricity demand slows, making utilities less likely to fuel energy-related home automation initiatives; 'Incentivizing the wrong people.'

SDG&E and SoCal Edison: Pay to Get Your Dumb Meters Back

By Julie Jacobson · April 24, 2012 • Worried that smart meters may contribute to nausea, inflated energy bills, security breaches and other travesties, consumers want their analog meters back. SoCal Edison and SDG&E will oblige for a fee.

3 Big Buzz Kills for Energy Conservation

By Julie Jacobson · May 17, 2011 • Governments discourage electric cars and solar energy; home appraisers dismiss pricey energy management systems. Is green technology really worth it?

Control4 Brings Smart Grid to 20,000 Nevada Homes

By Julie Jacobson · January 31, 2011 • NV Energy will equip at least 20,000 homes with Control4 energy management systems, marking one of the first U.S. utility demand response systems to make it out of pilot phase.

History of Home Automation: Some Things Never Change

By Julie Jacobson · November 12, 2010 • After 16 years of covering home automation we still see: no real standards, no retail business model, no utility success stories, no discernible Trojan horse, no relenting of the CE pro install channel.

Microsoft Hohm Still Silly Even with Actual Product

By Julie Jacobson · July 27, 2010 • Despite Blue Line's new PowerCost Monitor and WiFi Gateway, Microsoft Hohm is still mostly a me-too Web site with energy saving tips.

Home Automation: Has Anything Changed in 15 Years?

By Julie Jacobson · July 7, 2009 • We're still banking on utilities to jump-start the home automation industry and a "real" standard is "just around the corner."