Linn Products Kiko music system

By Robert Archer · August 3, 2012 • Linn Products has engineered audio systems for lifestyle consumers for a number of years. The company's latest lifestyle audio solution is the newly released Kiko music system that allows homeowners to access their iTunes, as well as web-based content.

Akitio MyCloud Duo personal cloud server

By Robert Archer · November 11, 2011 • Akitio's latest storage product provides users with network and mobile storage access from anywhere in the world.

Naim SuperUniti all-in-one system

By Robert Archer · October 19, 2011 • Naim's latest audio component incorporates everything from an 80-watt per channel Class A/B amp, to streaming network capabilities to allow homeowners to stream digital music from the Internet or from their local network via Ethernet or wirelessly.

NAD C446 digital media tuner

By Robert Archer · August 10, 2011 • The company's latest source component aggregates music from a variety of devices that include network components, Apple devices and Android products.